30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 6

Day 6: Favorite music There are so many different styles of music that I enjoy but I would say my favorites are rock and electronic. Rock includes classic, alternative, soft, heavy, indie, pop, etc. And electronic includes house, trap, drum & bass, trance, instrumental, etc. It’s really hard to pin down one single genre as myContinue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 6”

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 5

Day 5: Astrology – your horoscope, how it does or doesn’t describe you Astrology is something that everyone seems to have a slight curiosity about. And then there are those who are totally obsessed with it or completely against it. I would say I fall into the category of obsession. Astrology is something I have alwaysContinue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 5”

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 4

Day 4: Location – type of setting you live in I am currently living in PA, USA. I would visit this state a lot while growing up because I have many relatives here. I always really enjoyed the visits and I liked the open space and woodsy environment. I live close to the center of townContinue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 4”

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 3

Day 3: Gender – how you feel about it and how it affects your life I am a female, if you can tell. I believe in equality and feminism and even though both genders are different, they are also the same. We all have feminine and masculine energies inside of us and one is usuallyContinue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 3”

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 2

Day 2: Age – your birthday, growing up, how it feels I am currently 22-years old. I’ll be turning 23 in less than a month! I feel like I am ready for 23. Being 22 is great but it’s also tough when you have just graduated college and trying to figure out what to doContinue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 2”

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 1

Day 1: Name – its origin, its meaning, how you feel about it… Hi! My name is Laura Cyrena. I do enjoy my name. “Laura” has a Latin origin and means, “laurel-crowned princess.” “Cyrena” has a Greek origin and means, “sovereign queen.” So, essentially, put it all together and you get “queen of all princesses.”Continue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 1”

30-Day Writer’s Challenge: “Know Thyself”

The Internet is full of “30-day challenges,” which are taken on in hopes of self-improvement and feelings of accomplishment. I have completed a few of these back in the day, and now I’d like to bring them back. I’m going to try doing more “30-day challenges” here. Some of them have been pre-made, others IContinue reading “30-Day Writer’s Challenge: “Know Thyself””