Graveyard Walk

Take a graveyard walk down memory lane See all I had to lose, in order to ever gain See the broken bones and the lifeless hearts See the sacrifices made, in search of a new start This tombstone here is so special to me Lay down roses and imagine what could be Lay down lettersContinue reading “Graveyard Walk”

Wish Wednesday ~ my dream haunted house

I’ve already shown you my dream house; now it’s the perfect time of year to show you my dream haunted house. Be careful and don’t get spooked! Here we go… This is the living room, where we burn sage and talk to the dead. No need for TV — ghosts are much more entertaining! ThisContinue reading “Wish Wednesday ~ my dream haunted house”

Try-it Tuesday ~ EAT BRAINS!

Why eat candy when you can eat brains? All you need is 2 packs of Jell-O, a brain mold, and your imagination… Brain is the best part of the body to eat. It has a nice, soft texture and an impeccable sweetness to it. Delicious! Now I’m craving eyeballs…

Murder Scene

***WARNING: GORY HALLOWEEN POEM*** The detective enters the room and instantly senses an aura of gloom. Splashes of crimson red across the room, it’s spread all over the walls and floor. He searches closer for more. There is no body here, yet the evidence is clear. In the center of the room: a chair HeContinue reading “Murder Scene”


Saturday night, I went to NYC with my family to see Jerry Seinfeld do stand up! It was absolutely hysterical and my face hurt from laughing nonstop! It was joke after joke after joke. He was so lively! Also, they were recording that night for an upcoming Netflix special! We’re gonna be on Netflix! We’reContinue reading “Jerry”

Caturday ~ backyard adventure

I’m in NY this weekend at my parents’ house, and I brought Venus! We are headed to NYC this evening to see Jerry Seinfeld standup. Her and Norman will have the house to themselves tonight. I let Venus free roam around the backyard for a little bit since she doesn’t get much outdoor time lately.

21 SIMPLE and NON-CONFORMING ways to celebrate Halloween

You don’t have to be a child going trick-or-treating in order to celebrate Halloween. You don’t have to dress up and you don’t even have to go out. It’s annoying to feel the pressure of participating in these modern rituals such as getting a costume, decorating, trick-or-treating, going out to a party or bar hopping,Continue reading “21 SIMPLE and NON-CONFORMING ways to celebrate Halloween”

Thin Line

There’s a thin line between love and hate between purpose and mistake between randomness and fate. There’s a thin line between fear and desire between lower and higher between water and fire. Like a balance beam, I walk the line seeing the similarity of both sides. Blurred it becomes and I must admit that thisContinue reading “Thin Line”