Tuesday’s tea ~ peach tea 🍑

This evening, I’m drinking peach tea with honey.

Let’s talk about… Perfectionism.

I recently realized, how much perfectionism has been holding me back. In some ways I feel like I’m not a perfectionist at all, it’s not something I ever strive to be, or it was something that I used to be a long time ago. But recently I’ve realized my perfectionist tendencies have been sticking with me and holding me back.

We waste so much time when we crave perfection. And yet the most perfect moments are always the unexpected ones that were never fully planned out. You can’t let tiny little flaws or inconveniences bother you, you can’t fixate on that, otherwise you are wasting time!

You don’t have to be the person you strive to be, because for as long as you are living you will always be striving. You will never fully get there. Just work with what you have. You don’t have to be anyone else, most especially the ideal person you push yourself to be. It’s so cheesy but really you just have to be yourself. Not more perfect, but more yourself. As long as your true self comes with respect and kindness then there is no need to hide it.

11 responses to “Tuesday’s tea ~ peach tea 🍑”

  1. O never try that 😚

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    1. Yes highly recommended 👍💕


      1. Lol thank you for the tip

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  2. Yes, it’s good to have ideals, but beating ourselves up for not being ideal all the time only lowers our motivation.

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    1. So true! You should aim high but not to the point of impossible or else you set yourself up for failure.

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  3. Absolutely agree. I was guilty of the same when I was younger and now I realize how much time I wasted being mad or frustrated about things when I could have been enjoying the moment or the experience.

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    1. Exactly. I’m so glad you see my point. As you get older, you realize how much time you’ve wasted!

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  4. Right on Laura, beautifully said! Enjoy your weekend!😃😺🌞

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    1. Thanks, I hope you had a great weekend as well! 🙂

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      1. Certainly did, thanks!

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