Oct. 21, 2020

Today, the first quarter moon is in Capricorn, putting our focus on hard work, tradition, and self-discipline. This is an ideal day to start working on a new project that requires you to challenge yourself.

Today’s number is 8. Combined with Capricorn’s energy, this could indicate a sudden influx of money, more responsibility at your job, perhaps even some type of promotion.

The tarot card for today is Justice, meaning a great amount of karma could play out for you — for better or worse, depending on your recent behavior. If you’ve been working very hard lately, expect to feel satisfaction regarding work-matters today. This is also incredibly fitting for the last day of Libra season!

The vampire oracle for today is sacrifice: renunciation, offering, letting go. As Libra season comes to a close, it’s time to balance out the scales and figure out what is and isn’t worth holding onto anymore.

Today’s crystal is Lapis Lazuli. It will help you greatly to look back on old family traditions, perhaps even ancient rituals, in order to assist your spiritual growth.

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