Oct. 22, 2020

Today’s first quarter moon remains in Capricorn, as feelings of self-discipline, hard work, and traditional values persist.

Also today, we enter Scorpio season for the next month! It’s about to get a lot more intense! Libra’s season had us focusing on partnership and balance; scorpio season shifts our perspective towards isolation and extremes. We are about to throw ourselves completely out of whack. The next few weeks will be completely transformative. You will be feeling more inclined towards solving mysteries and secrets. You are about to come into contact with your shadow self. It’s going to be a dark time, but in a good way, if you can find comfort in the unknown.

Today’s number is 9, the most intense number of all, extremely fitting for Scorpio season.

Today’s tarot card is ten of pentacles, indicating you’ll find satisfaction in your work, home, or family life. You could also be finishing up a project.

Today’s oracle card is primal: connecting deep within, sacred dance, instinct.

Today’s crystal is carnelian. This is about confidence and passion. Use Capricorn’s energy to discipline yourself into being who you truly are rather than giving into the crowd.

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