How each zodiac sign feels during scorpio season

Sun, moon, or rising…

  • Aries: feels extra competitive, expresses self more passionately.
  • Taurus: finds balance within themselves and understands the more spiritual aspect of love.
  • Gemini: communicates more directly with others. Researches mysteries.
  • Cancer: explores their emotions and makes it more clear when they are upset.
  • Leo: feels extra determined to complete goals. Faces their shadow side.
  • Virgo: feels more independent and finds it easier to draw boundaries with others.
  • Libra: more prone to vengance. Becomes possessive over their lover.
  • Scorpio: feels completely in their element. Embraces their dark side and is no longer afraid to share dark things about themselves.
  • Sagittarius: finds it easier to complete their goals and go after what they want.
  • Capricorn: finds more emotional depth with loved ones and feels a stronger bond to them.
  • Aquarius: becomes more sexual with their partner and tries new things in bed.
  • Pisces: has intense dreams, feels repressed emotions coming back to the surface.

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