Lotus Laura on Instagram

Lotus Laura is now on instagram! Please follow me and leave your username in the comments so I can follow back!

I am looking forward to sharing my blogging journey through photos. This will be like a “behind the scenes” where I document the writing process and give some glimpses of future posts!

6 responses to “Lotus Laura on Instagram”

  1. I’m not on IG but I plan to use it next year. My username is @serene_hilz. Feel free to follow me. I will follow you back when I [eventually] use it again.

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    1. Thank so much!!! I shall! 😻

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  2. I am @Douggoodmanwrites on IG. Love to follow and follow back, especially when you have a blog this cool!

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    1. Perfect!!! I will follow! And thanks so much, love your blog as well!!! 💜


  3. zo great thay you on Instagram

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    1. Yeah I’m sorry my old account got hacked! Miss chatting with you!


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