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100k site views! πŸŽ‰

Today, I recieved this notification that my blog/website has reached over 100,000 views total!

This number does not include those who have their cookies turned off, or those who view my posts on WordPress reader, or who view same pages multiple times — there are many factors that prevent counting full and accurate view counts.

So I just want to say thank you for everyone who has supported my blog. I have been writing since childhood but it took me until adulthood to share it like this. Of course there wasn’t social media like there is today back then, but I could have shared my writing in other ways that I was always too nervous to do. The closest I came was a creative writing class in high school. If I could go back, I would have shared more, but back then I was far too shy to ever do that.

It started with my family who have always been very encouraging, and then going on to see total strangers (and strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet) actually interested in what I was writing. It has been a mind boggling experience.

My step-grandpa who I was pretty close with was alive to see the start of my blog shortly before passing away, and I remember he came to me in all seriousness and told me, just as I was about to finish up college with a science degree, that I should instead consider a writing career. I am currently content with my science career but I do strive to inch closer to a writing career — not an institutionalized type, instead something like this where I’m in somewhat control and independent.

Of course this is only a stepping stone, with a great length to go. However I will use any excuse to celebrate! πŸŽ‰πŸΎ

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me. There is so much room for writers in this world because we all have something different to say. Everyone has some type of gift to share, some deep passion inside of them that the world needs to see. Don’t ever feel like there is too much competition, because you cannot underestimate the power of your uniqueness. Our only true competitors are ourselves — we are the ones who stop ourselves, who hold ourselves back, and who get in our own way.

And never let fear of judgment defeat you. Do what makes you happy and be proud about it. ❀️


28 thoughts on “100k site views! πŸŽ‰

  1. Such wisdom about how we hold ourselves back and we all have something to share. Was that Cliff who encouraged you to have a writing major? I miss his warm encouragement. Congratulations! ❀️❀️❀️

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