Types of Starseeds — which one are you?

Starseeds” refer to the type of star system you and your ancestors may have originally came from, pinpointing back to a specific star-system in another area of the universe.

There is a theory that specific alien tribes exist, and that your soul could have been a part of one (or more) of these, before choosing to incarnate on Earth in this earthly body. The idea is that these aliens souls have chosen to incarnate among the humans in order to save/help the humans, to learn lessons, or just to have a fun and exciting adventure.

Disclaimer — this is for entertainment only. It is interesting to open your mind to this possibility, although I do not claim it as truth!

You may be a starseed if…

  • You do not feel at home on Earth — you feel homesick for another place.
  • You have always been very different from most.
  • You strongly relate to specific characteristics of one (or more) particular starseed tribe(s).
  • You know you are an older soul, as opposed to a brand new soul.

Before we get into the details, here is a list of the “common” starseed tribes…

  1. Pleiadean
  2. Sirian / Canis
  3. Lyran / Feline
  4. Orion
  5. Mintakan
  6. Greys
  7. Lemurian / Atlantean
  8. Anunnaki
  9. Arcturian
  10. Andromedan
  11. Maldek
  12. Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow
  13. Lightworker
  14. Blue Ray
  15. Polarian
  16. Hadarian
  17. Alpha Centaruians
  18. Agarthan
  19. Venusian
  20. Martian
  21. Reptilian
  22. Draconian


Pleiadean (Norse)

Coming from a cluster of seven stars (known as the “seven sisters”), they exist on the 5-D plane. Living in a matriarchal society, the species places emphasis on woman and families. They are soft-spoken and polite, extremely kind and gentle beings. They are people-pleasers who want to help everyone. Also nicknamed “Nordic aliens,” they are known to resemble Nordic-Scandinavians with blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin — also have been said to be 6-7 feet tall with long limbs. The Pleiadeans are record-keepers of the earth. (Additional source)

Sirian (Canis)

Sirian vibrates at an extremely high, 6-D level. The Sirians come from Sirius A and Sirius B — B is a water planet that inhabits mermaid-like beings. Coming from the “Dog Star,” Sirians have been connected to dogs and wolves, and highly resemble their characteristics of protection and loyalty. They are also highly peace-loving and simple-minded. Earth-incarnated Sirians are known to live in their heads and struggle with communication, as they are uncomfortable with the physical 3-D plane. Their mission is to promote peace and harmony, and protect others from harm.

Lyran (Feline)

Coming from the Lyra constellation, most Lyrans reside on the planet Vega. Lyrans and Felines are said to be separate races that once lived together on Vega — however it is claimed that the species is ancient and has died out or evolved beyond their original form. Lyrans and Felines may have incarnated into Earth during the Atlantas or ancient Egyptian era, thus propelling the evolution of humanity. Lyrans are passionate, authoritative, connected to the root chakra, and likely incarnate into Earth as fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo.) Alongside, they are active and really enjoy physical pleasures, such as food and wine. Most likely, they have catlike appearances.


Orions reside in the Orion constellation, consisting of countless stars. Orions are vastly intellectual and have an affinity for knowledge, with a strong interest in science and technology. They are highly rational and logical beings who struggle to believe anything without concrete and physical proof. Most Earth-incarnated Orions will not classify themselves as any type of starseed, as the whole idea is too far-fetched for them. They often incarnate as earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and are very down-to-earth with a desire for control. While some may be cold and unemotional, others may be very empathetic.


Mintika is an ancient planet within the Orion constellation that no longer exists. They are Orions, but Mintikans came from specifically the planet Mintika. It is said that the planet was full of water and diamonds, and so Earth-incarnated Mintikans feels especially drawn towards the ocean, the beach, and dolphins. They are extremely sensitive and empathetic.


Greys are what we tend to commonly think of as aliens — grey-skinned, big and bald heads, with usually stringy limbs and full stomachs. They are known as “neutral” aliens — neither good nor bad. They are typically the ones performing experiments on humans, not for torture, but for research-purposes. Earth-incarnated greys most likely have bad karma attached to their souls, and are stuck incarnating on Earth forever, or until they can somehow clear their karma. They may originate from the Orion or Draco constellation.

Lemurian / Atlantean

Lemurians and Atlanteans were possibly the first souls to incarnate onto Earth, existing during the Atlantas era and propelling forward humanity. Some say that their home planet was destroyed, which was their reasoning for coming to Earth. Some say that since the destruction of their home planet, they have been incarnating on many other planets and galaxies, not just Earth. These are souls who love to travel and struggle to fit themselves into one box.


Said to come from planet Nibiru, they are believed to have incarnated on Earth in ancient Sumer, possibly as Sumerian gods. There is a lot of conspiracy surrounding this race of aliens, some claiming that they are evil or demonic forces. Others claim they are innocent, or both good and bad.


Existing in the 5th-dimension, Arcturians are very strong, and connected to the “architecture” and “protocol” of spiritual energies and the plan for humanity. They come from Arcturus, a red giant in the Bootes constellation. It is said that when we die, we pass through the Arcturian realm, where the Egyptian god Thoth resides. They are leaders, achievers, and designers. An Earth-incarnated Arcturian has an interest in science and technology, but also possesses high emotional intelligence. While some may be drawn to the technological field, others may feel called to do spiritual work such as shamanism and divination. Alongside, they are curious about (rather than fearful of) death, and drawn towards mediumship.


Only 2.5 million light years away from Earth, these beings come from the Andromeda galaxy. Guardians of the 7th dimension (up to the 12th), these beings are the purest of them all. They are also extremely rare to find on Earth — an estimated 800,000 are currently incarnated here. Andromedans are mainly characterized by their childlike qualities — innocent nature, youthful appearance, optimistic and joyful attitude. They are meek-mannered, easygoing, and like to help others. Also, they are observers, introverts, and free spirits. Earth-incarnates prefer quiet lifestyles with low-pressure careers. They tend to develop many different hobbies and skills.


Even more rare than Adromedans, there are minimal traces of Maldeks. All that is really known about them is that their civilization was very similar to Earth’s — in that they used to rely upon the green world until the advancement of technology, which eventually made them become sick and lazy, resulting in the destruction of their world. They may or may not be incarnated here on Earth — perhaps to relive the trauma of their lost home.

Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow

These may be “newer” souls, or starseeds who have had many incarnations on other planets/galaxies but this is one of their first Earth incarnations. It is not specified where exactly they came from, some say they could be ascended masters. Some may have never lived physical lives before this one, only existing only the spiritual realm beforehand. Their mission here is specifically to bring about change — social justice, environmental healing, spiritual progression, etc. These beings resist the “old ways” and are constantly looking forward. It’s believed that “the three waves” were sent to Earth in order to wake up humanity and raise our collective consciousness — the Indigos (born 1950s-1970s), Crystals (80s-90s), and Rainbow (born 2000s-forward).


Lightworker is a broad term with many meanings. Overall, their soul mission is to heal humanity and bring about conscious awakening. Most likely, their career is tied into spirituality — a hypnotherapist, a reiki healer, a psychic, etc. It is thought that lightworkers do not belong to one, or any, specific starseed culture. Lightworkers love to travel and often seek the company of others, they do not feel drawn to any specific cultures or heritages, they are often uninterested in their own family lineage.

Blue ray

There is very little information on “Blue rays.” We know they are unique and rare. Blue rays may be a hybrid of several starseeds, here to create a sense of community and connection with one another. Most likely they are very social and organized.


Coming from the North Star Polaris, Polarians are vastly evolved spiritual beings. They may be very tall in height. A notable quality is that they are androgynous. You may be an Earth-incarnated being if you struggle with gender dysmorphia, or if you are gender-fluid or non-binary, or if you feel you were born as the wrong gender. They are completely uninterested in the material world, living highly spiritual lives — often hermits, monks, nuns, minimalists, yogis, etc.


Coming from planet Hadar, from Beta Centauri. They are the ultimate hippies who dislike technology and gadgets. It is said that their planet became enslaved, which is why souls chose to incarnate elsewhere, such as Earth — an ideal place to confront and process inner trauma. They are sensitive and empathic, with a deep amount of trauma from past lives. They are uninterested in money and high-powered careers — however, often find themselves at corporate jobs because they know that their healing energy is needed there the most. What brings them most joy is “spreading the love.” Introverted and shy, they avoid conflict and confrontation at all costs, preferring peaceful and nonviolent protests. They are said to have blue skin, cat-like noses, and a short height — and take a variety of different forms as Earth-incarnates. They are often taken advantage of, and feel happiest in deep relationships or friendships. (Additional source)

Alpha Centaurians

These beings are from the Centauri star system, with a connection to the mythical half-man, half-horse Centaur. Independent and introverted, they are super intelligent and knowledgable. They often excel in school and have photographic memories. They are very wise, and can also be judgmental of others.


Known as “inner earth beings,” this tribe is connected to the hallow-earth theory, claiming that there is a hallow world inside of our planet with beings living inside. They may be tall, slender, or have pointy elf-like ears. Agarthans are ultimate environmentalists who stand up for and protect nature. Highly in tuned with the seasons, they can often predict weather patterns or natural disasters. It is also said that they also live with and communicate with fairies.


Venusians come from the theory that there was once life on Venus — yes, our neighboring planet just next door. It’s also possible that they are still living there today, but on a higher dimension (likely the 4-D), therefore invisible to our 3-D vision. They are also nicknamed “Hathors” — after the ancient Egyptian Goddess of love, Hathor. These beings are said to be tall and slender, highly passionate, also indecisive and flakey. They are interested in alternative healing.


Just like Venusians — except coming from Mars instead of Venus. Similarly, they could have existed here long ago before dying out, or still residing on Mars in a higher dimension. Sadly there is not much information about them. Giveaway clues that your soul is a Martian are strong connection to the planet, dreams about Mars, intense desire to travel there someday.


Reptilians have been labeled as the most evil species of alien to exist — cold, calculated, malicious, destructive, parasites. They have been claimed to be the cause of everything evil on Earth after infiltrating it before ancient times. While some claim that all reptilians are evil, some say that just like all tribes, there are good and bad. Some say it is possible for benevolent reptilians to exist. Signs of these Earth-incarnated beings include intelligence, master manipulation, cold and detached emotions, leadership skills, power-hungry, adaptable, money and fame-obsessed, craving for warm temperatures (often live in desert-like or tropical-like areas, for example California or Florida), and an interest in reptiles.


Coming from the Draco constellation, they are also connected to reptilians, and may or may not be a completely evil race. They are also connected to reptiles, as well as dragons. They share the same qualities as reptilians.


10 thoughts on “Types of Starseeds — which one are you?

    1. Ooohhh, that’s a fiery family, hahaha! I think regardless of zodiac sign, it’s more-so about which description overall fits you best.

      Although I am obsessed with cats, I think I find myself more drawn to Sirian than Lyran. I am still learning, and I’ve found out that Sirians are also connected to cats, as well as sea animals like dolphins.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Interesting! While I love the idea of originating among the stars, I actually tend to think I had an animal incarnation here on Earth previously. I’ve turned up a few glimpses of animal lives when doing regression meditations. Though I do feel a strong connection to cats…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooohhhh! Maybe both? Where do you find your meditaitons? I love doing past life regressions, I tried out a few years ago on Youtube, but recently I can’t find any good or effective ones. I would love a specific recommendation for a past life regression meditation!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Maybe! I try to stay curious about possibilities. 😊

        I started out using some recordings from Brian Weiss. “Regression Through the Mirrors of Time,” I think. Honestly, though, I didn’t feel like the recordings gave me enough time. I’d just start getting some interesting images and then he’d start talking again. What I ended up doing was just listening to relaxing but non-vocal music while mentally following his imagery of stepping through a mirror to access the past. Or sometimes I just made up my own routines based on what felt right. 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ooooohhh I will try that out!!! I can see that, guiding yourself could be better in a way. I was thinking of maybe just recording my own past life meditation and then listening to it and doing it.

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