Not really ok right now

I am really not okay right now. I thought I was doing better but I suppose I am not. I feel that my life is basically over, and I wish that it actually was. I feel that I am never going to be happy ever again. I feel that I am going to live theContinue reading “Not really ok right now”

Do not expect me to be perfect

Please, do not expect perfection from me. Do not put me on a pedestal… and then cry when I inevitably fail to meet your high expectations. Do not see me as a supergirl, because even superheroes have flaws. I do not claim to be perfect. I never said I was perfect. So never, ever, tellContinue reading “Do not expect me to be perfect”

Health update — Lyme disease diagnosis

Hi everyone, it’s been a long journey since I was struck with seemingly random, intensely painful and debilitating, arthritis — coming and going every few weeks to months, affecting all different joints from my knees to my wrists to most recently my ankle last August. I have seen three different doctors and had my bloodContinue reading “Health update — Lyme disease diagnosis”

Album Review: “Red (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift [2021]

Today, Taylor Swift released her re-recorded version of “Red.” When this album originally came out, it was fall of 2012, and I was just beginning my freshmen year of college. Being an avid fan of hers at the time, I know all the details behind each song. I vividly recall walking to classes with myContinue reading “Album Review: “Red (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift [2021]”

Album review: “=” by Ed Sheeran

It started with “+”, then “x”, and then there was “÷” … finally, the equation is complete with “=”! One of the first album reviews I made on this blog was for 2017’s “÷”. Ed Sheeran started out in 2012 at the very start of his twenties with an indie-style that focused on dark issuesContinue reading “Album review: “=” by Ed Sheeran”

Rheumatoid / health update

I saw a rheumatologist for the first time today. I booked my appointment a couple months ago, and today was finally the day. 😬 I explained to the nurse how I’ve had debilitating joint pain and swelling come and go in different areas for the past year and a half. At first she seemed dissuasiveContinue reading “Rheumatoid / health update”


With so many dog hotels, I would really like to see more cat hotels too. They are increasing in popularity, but still rare. And most cat boarding services do not provide the same luxuries as dog hotels do. While cats are more independent than dogs, and can more easily take care of themselves, most peopleContinue reading “My Dream CAT HOTEL!”