Hi, I am Crystal Aura (by Laura)!

I use this blog to spread knowledge about the supernatural & esoteric arts, and to cast divinations.

My story…

Since elementary school, I had a deep fascination with all things mysterious and occult — most especially space, the stars, and the planets. I knew a lot about astrology and strongly resonated with my Scorpio sun sign — yet at the same time, I felt that the description of Scorpio only matched a puzzle piece of my personality. Little did I know how many layers astrology contains, how complex it actually is, and how mainstream media undermines and simplifies it all. Your “sun sign” is only a sliver of your story. A person’s astrologic birth chart is a spiritual blueprint that is as unique as your fingerprint. We all face similar energies, but no two people share them identically. My favorite zodiac signs had always been Aries and Sagittarius — and once I learned that these two were integral parts of my chart, my mind was blown. I had no idea that I spent my whole childhood drawn to these two specific signs — which happen to be my moon and rising signs — without realizing why!

Although I was drawn to astrology at a young age, I was always somewhat skeptical about it. And somehow, the more I taught myself about it and the more I learned, the more I understood its accuracy. I also felt the same about tarot cards — it didn’t make any sense to me at first. And then, in 2015, I downloaded the galaxy tarot app, and began my tarot journey. I watched many tarot readings on Youtube, and couldn’t believe how helpful and true they were. In 2017, I began to seriously dedicate myself to daily tarot. The hardest person to read for is yourself — so the more I gave readings to friends and family, the more I could see how beneficial it was.

I continue to learn and practice more with astrology and tarot. In 2020, I also really got into numerology. Soon, I hope to learn more about other divination arts such as runes, palmistry, and more.

  • Sun: Scorpio
    • in the 12th house
    • in conjunction with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto
    • trining Saturn
    • sextiling Uranus, Neptune
    • squaring Mars
  • Moon: Aries
    • in the 5th house
    • trining Mars
    • squaring Uranus, Neptune
  • Ascendent: Sagittarius
    • Ruler: Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio and 12th house.
  • Mercury: scorpio
  • Venus: scorpio (R)
  • Mars: leo
  • Jupiter: scorpio
  • Saturn: pisces
  • Uranus: capricorn
  • Neptune: capricorn
  • Pluto: scorpio
  • North node: scorpio
  • House I (Ascendent): Sagittarius
  • II: capricorn
  • III: aquarius
  • IV: aries
  • V: taurus
  • VI: taurus
  • VII: gemini
  • VIII: cancer
  • IX: leo
  • House X (Midheaven): libra
  • XI: scorpio
  • XII: scorpio
  • Birthday #5
  • Life path #3
  • Destiny #8
  • Soul #2
  • Personality #6
  • Maturity #2/11
  • Attitude #7
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