Hi, I am Crystal Aura (by Laura)!

I use this blog to spread knowledge about the supernatural & esoteric arts, and to cast divinations.

I conduct divinations through my personal knowledge of astrology, numerology, and tarot, as well as my intuition. I use “Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2021” as a reference for astrological happenings.

*DISCLAIMER* This is for entertainment purposes only. I do not claim to be a doctor, lawyer, or psychologist. Please turn to a professional for serious or life-threatening matters.

A little info about me…

I have been studying astrology since my childhood. I have always dipped my toes in other forms of esoteric arts, however more recently, within these past few years, I have dedicated myself to these studies. I began studying and practicing tarot in 2015, seriously getting into it in 2017.

  • Sun: Scorpio
    • in the 12th house
    • in conjunction with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto
    • trining Saturn
    • sextiling Uranus, Neptune
    • squaring Mars
  • Moon: Aries
    • in the 5th house
    • trining Mars
    • squaring Uranus, Neptune
  • Ascendent: Sagittarius
    • Ruler: Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio and 12th house.
  • Mercury: scorpio
  • Venus: scorpio (R)
  • Mars: leo
  • Jupiter: scorpio
  • Saturn: pisces
  • Uranus: capricorn
  • Neptune: capricorn
  • Pluto: scorpio
  • North node: scorpio
  • House I (Ascendent): Sagittarius
  • II: capricorn
  • III: aquarius
  • IV: aries
  • V: taurus
  • VI: taurus
  • VII: gemini
  • VIII: cancer
  • IX: leo
  • House X (Midheaven): libra
  • XI: scorpio
  • XII: scorpio
  • Birthday #5
  • Life path #3
  • Destiny #8
  • Soul #2
  • Personality #6
  • Maturity #2/11
  • Attitude #7
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