Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. In numerology, nine is the last number, because all numbers are reduced to a single digit. Therefore, nine represents maturity, wisdom, and completion. It is also the most intense number of all, being the last. In astrology, the ninth house represents expanded consciousness in two ways: physicallyContinue reading “Sagittarius Season”

Horoscope for December 2022

You can let yourself dream again as Neptune comes out of retrograde. You may feel more inspired to fantasize, or feel a greater connection to spirituality, during the first few days of December. With Mercury entering Capricorn on the 6th, and a full moon in Gemini on the 7th, this marks an excellent time forContinue reading “Horoscope for December 2022”

Uranus Retrograde: Science vs Faith

Uranus is an outer planet, so when retrograde occurs, we do not feel the affects as strongly as we would with an inner planet — for example, Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc. It tends to have a greater affect on humanity as a whole, rather than your own, personal life. Uranus retrograde happens annually for aboutContinue reading “Uranus Retrograde: Science vs Faith”

Virgo Season (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

6️⃣Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac — symbolizing nurturing, giving, and selfless energy. Ruled by the sixth house, Virgo is highly connected to health, daily rituals, and zooming in on the details. Those with Virgo in their zodiac tend to be more health-conscious. They prefer to take life day-by-day rather than looking atContinue reading “Virgo Season (Aug 23 – Sep 22)”

Don’t sweat Jupiter retrograde! (July 28 – Nov 23, 2022)

Jupiter goes retrograde once a year, for approximately four months from summer to fall. Exact dates vary per year. This year, Jupiter goes retrograde from July 28 to November 23, 2022. When a planet turns retrograde, it can bring out the more negative traits of that planet. However, Jupiter is such a lucky planet, thatContinue reading “Don’t sweat Jupiter retrograde! (July 28 – Nov 23, 2022)”

Leo Season (July 22 – August 22)

From approximately July 22 through August 22, the theme of your life is Leo season. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. In numerology, the number five is all about change, risk-taking, and unexpectedness. This period of the year is all about “expect the unexpected,” and you should prepare yourself for many surprises. ItContinue reading “Leo Season (July 22 – August 22)”

Astrology | the meaning of your sun sign

You are not strictly defined by your sun sign, but it does say a lot about not just your personality — also the theme of your life and how you experience situations. The sun is what our lives revolve around. It plays an influence over every single other aspect in your chart. It is theContinue reading “Astrology | the meaning of your sun sign”

Astrology | How to determine relationship compatibility

One of the most famously common ways to use the tool of astrology is the determination of compatibility — with friends, family members, and most of all lovers. Astrology can be a useful way of gaining insight into your relationship with someone. But it is not as black-and-white as mainstream articles and magazines have usContinue reading “Astrology | How to determine relationship compatibility”

Cancer Season (June 21 — July 22)

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. In numerology, the number four is characterized by emotional stability, deep introspection, and control. This number is not about risk-taking or popping your comfort bubble, rather, it prioritizes a feeling of safety and security, especially on an internal level. Cancer resides in the fourth house, which digsContinue reading “Cancer Season (June 21 — July 22)”

Horoscope | Week of June 19, 2022

On Monday, Mercury is in sextile with Jupiter, which could trigger significant conversation around good fortune. Tuesday marks the beginning of Cancer season, which lasts for the next four weeks. This shifts the overall theme of our lives from outward communication to inward introspection — emotions, intuition, and also taking control of your desires. YouContinue reading “Horoscope | Week of June 19, 2022”