Crystals 101 | Rose quartz

Identification Rose quartz is mainly translucent with a pinkish tint. This is a common crystal, sourced from United States, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, India, and Madagascar. Meaning Rose quartz represents unconditional love. It promotes all forms of love, including platonic, but most especially romantic. It represents forgiveness and letting go of old grudges. Healing ThisContinue reading “Crystals 101 | Rose quartz”

Crystals 101 | Labradorite

Identification Labradorite is a blue-green crystal. It is not one single color, but blends back and forth between blue and green, sometimes combining into a grayish tint. It can also have slight traces of yellow and brown. There is also a yellow form of labradorite that is mainly translucent. This is a common crystal, sourcedContinue reading “Crystals 101 | Labradorite”