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  • Energy Update #1 (555)
    As mentioned before, being in the year of “5” makes the month of May (5) the most intense day of the year, specifically the day of the 5th. Marking “555” denotes intense change for all of us. As energy is fluid rather than concrete, the power of 555 is not limited to May 5th 2021,Continue reading “Energy Update #1 (555)”
  • Updates
    I’m going to be discontinuing generalized weekly horoscopes! This way I can focus more on the monthly personals (and pets!) I did make a mistake on March’s horoscopes. The new moon is actually in Pisces, not Aries!!! Whoops!!! Hopefully I do better on next month’s! I’m working on adding more reports/readings on my Etsy shop…Continue reading “Updates”
  • Completed my astrology course!
    I have officially completed my astrology course! Here is my certificate!

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