This is why forgiveness is so important

For me, Christmastime is the celebration of Winter Solstice — when the light of hope returns on the darkest day of the year, as the sun is reborn. It’s the start of a new year and a new cycle, which reminds us that we have the power to start over.

As Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, it is reminded that Jesus was born in order to bring the gift of forgiveness. They are celebrating the miracle of being saved through forgiveness.

No matter what time it is that you find this post, it should be reminded that forgiveness is so important. We need to forgive others, forgive ourselves, and allow others to forgive us too.

There is no such thing as “getting even.” Emotional pain cannot be measured, and when you strike back at someone who has hurt you, you are not “canceling out” the original hurt that was caused, you are only adding more pain and suffering into the world.

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean accepting them back into your life. You can forgive them from afar. They don’t have to know about it either.

Forgiveness is a very personal thing. Ultimately, forgiveness is more about yourself than it is about the other person. Actually, the other person is irrelevant — and that’s the first step in finding peace.

It’s not about labeling someone as “good” or “bad,” as “the hero” or “the villain.” We are all made up of good and bad parts, sometimes the good and stronger than the bad, and vice versa. This is not about finding the good in someone else, but finding the good in yourself.

Forgiving someone is the hardest thing you can do. You have to muster all of the good parts inside of yourself in order to do so. You have to swallow your pride like a hard pill with no water to wash it down with. You have to take the high road, even when the low road feels so much more enticing.

It doesn’t matter if the person who did you wrong is a saint or a monster. It’s about the space in your heart that is full of bitterness, anger, and sorrow. You’re not pushing that person away — you’re pushing that feeling away. And whether that person remains in your life or not, that’s up to the Universe. What’s up to you, is removing that feeling, not that person. And then the Universe will sort out the rest.

You deserve to forgive them, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. And you deserve to live in a world where people forgive each other; not in a world where we count score, hold grudges, lack empathy, and expect perfection out of everyone.

You think that you can fix someone by punishing them. But really, you can only fix someone through healing — and healing comes from forgiveness. You can’t repair your past by damaging someone’s future. When you heal the future, you’re healing the past.

Think it.

Write it down.

Say it out loud.

I forgive you.

I forgive you.

I forgive you.

Numerology | 2023 Is The Year Of “7”

In numerology, the year 2023 is reduced to the number 7.

2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7

Last year was “6”

Last year was the universal number 6. You can take a look at last year’s summary here. Basically, there was a great focus on relationships, caretaking, and birthing of new ideas for the collective consciousness.

For me, 2022 forced me to confront what I want in terms of a romantic relationship. It also brought me a lot of inspiration for my creative business.

The meaning of “7”

In numerology, seven is a very reclusive number. It symbolizes introspection and going within. It is the most philosophical number, implying deep thinking.

The year 2023 is sure to be filled with a lot of depth. The past several years had us focused on our relationships with others; people outside of ourselves. This upcoming year, it’s time for you to draw the attention back to yourself. In 2023, it is likely for us to slow down, spend more time by ourselves, and see everything in a more philosophical way.

This is also a very spiritual number. You may find yourself urging to find connection beyond the material realm. There is a likely to be a very deep revelation.

The universal year of 7 was back in 2014. Looking back, you may find many parallels and common themes between that year and this upcoming one. For me, 2014 brought a lot of revelations about the nature of reality. I found myself drawn to many books on philosophy that taught enlightening concepts.

Your Personal Year

If you want to get more personal about what this upcoming year will bring, take the universal year (7) and add it to your life path number, and then reduce to a single digit. 

Your life path number is the reduced sum of your birthday. 

For example: Born November 14, 1994 = 11 (November) + 14 + 1+9+9+4 = 3

Life path (3) + Universal year (7) = 1

Here is a quick reference for what your personal year implies:

  • 1 — A new beginning, putting yourself first, focusing on self-love, trying something new
  • 2 — Important partnership (business, friendship, or romantic), external focus
  • 3 — Expressing yourself, new ideas, high creativity
  • 4 — Establishing routine and stability, looking for security
  • 5 — Many changes, a new life phase, craving adventure
  • 6 — Charity work, peace and harmony, healing
  • 7 — Solitude, internal focus, strong sense of spirituality
  • 8 — Successful business, financial gains, confidence boost, power
  • 9 — High energy, achievements, wisdom, a grand completion

Capricorn Season (Dec 21 – Jan 20)

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. In numerology, a double digit number gives this sign more maturity than the prior nine. Alongside, it gets reduced to a single digit as “1.” This number symbolizes new beginnings, initiation, and action-taking. It also brings about a lot of self-awareness and self-consciousness. Capricorns know how to put themselves first in a selfless way.

The tenth house symbolizes reputation, career, and one’s place in society. Capricorns are often known for being workaholics who put their job above everything else. Capricorns take their job very seriously — in some cases this can refer to their day job, in other cases it means their job as a mother or father, their job as someone’s best friend, their job as a husband or wife, their side-hustle or volunteer work — or all of the above! Capricorns are highly aware of their place in society and therefore make an effort to keep their reputation clean and respectable.

Capricorn is said to be symbolized by the goat, but more specifically it’s actually the Sea-Goat: half goat and half fish. The word Capricornus translates to “horned goat” in Latin. This resembles their stubborn nature, as they will stop at nothing to get their way. The sea-goat can be traced back to the Greek myth of Pan escaping a monster by morphing into a sea-goat in order to get away. This demonstrates their quick wit and impressive ability to outsmart others.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (along with Aquarius.) Saturn represents rules and structure, along with tradition and authority. Saturn has a lot of paternal energy, which makes Capricorns the “dads” of the zodiac. They’re very responsible and make great leaders. Although they can come off as overly stern at times, it always comes from a place of tough love. As a result of being ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are also very wise when it comes to finances — often holding onto their money, investing it into the right places, and having a knack for business and banking.

Capricorn is an earth sign, making them consistent, reliable, and practical. Rarely, will you spot a Capricorn gambling, taking un-calculated risks, or acting on impulse. Capricorns take pride in their intelligence and their ability to make decisions from a place of ration. They do not speak or act without thoroughly thinking it through beforehand. Capricorns value security — a full savings account, a longterm career, a stable relationship, and comfortable home is absolutely necessary for their peace of mind. As an earth sign, Capricorns enjoy being out in nature, experiencing physical touch, and working on projects hands-on.

As a cardinal sign, (along with Aries, Cancer, and Libra) Capricorns are born leaders who like to take charge. They excel at beginning new projects and sparking ideas — however, they may struggle with following through on their plans and keeping the momentum going, before they get distracted with another fresh project.

Your Horoscope for the Year of 2023

Main character energy: MARS

Mars comes out of retrograde in mid January, and then out of its shadow period in March. After spending a whopping five months in Gemini (as it typically spends only 45 days in each sign), it finally makes a move to Cancer in late March. Alongside, we have an eclipse in Aries (ruled by Mars) on April 20th, as well as the lunar eclipse in Scorpio (also ruled by Mars) on May 5th. The first half of 2023 is all about Mars — passion, motivation, sexuality, aggression, and action-taking. This is us thinking with our bodies, rather than our brains. This is us doing, rather than thinking. This is destined to bring about an enormous amount of change, in the most chaotic and destructive way ever.

Supporting actress: VENUS

In the latter part of 2023, high-powered Martian energy is balanced with soft and receptive Venus. Venus brings attention to herself when she goes retrograde on July 22nd, which only happens every one-and-a-half years. But we are really going to feel her energy when she turns direct on September 3rd. This is followed by a solar eclipse in Libra (ruled by Venus) on October 14th, and then a lunar eclipse in Taurus (also ruled by Venus) on October 28th. And so, the second part of 2023 can be characterized by passivity, beauty, luxury, and pleasure. With both Mars and Venus taking center stage this year, love and romance is sure to be a big theme for many.

What else is going on this year?

A new generation is being born in 2023.

Pluto is transiting into Aquarius. This is a HUGE DEAL because Pluto spends about 10-30 years in each zodiac sign. Pluto represents an entire ERA in history, a NEW GENERATION of children entering the world.

The Millennials are the Scorpio generation, the era of the AIDS epidemic, who would grow up to be the emo kids obsessed with Harry Potter and all things taboo and controversial. Gen-Z is the Sagittarius generation, the era of technological boom, who would grow up to embrace financial freedom and creative independence. And then came the Capricorn generation, the era of cottagecore and a worldwide pandemic.

The Era of Aquarius will take us into the year 2044. It will be characterized by significant scientific progress and out-of-the-box thinking. I believe that this era will bring about mainstream psychedelic medicine, space travel, and maybe even the exposure of aliens. It’s going to be a very strange time. The 2040s will bring peace, especially as we approach the Era of Pisces.

You can read more about the eras of Pluto here.

Jupiter moves from Aries to Taurus

Jupiter will be in Aries until it moves into Taurus in May. Jupiter augments whichever zodiac sign it resides in: and as Aries is ruled by Mars, this emphasizes even more Martian energy in Part I of 2023. Emphasis will be placed on new beginnings, trying something new, and putting yourself first.

As Jupiter moves into Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus, we have even more Venusian energy striking us in Part II of 2023. This placement shifts us to focus on our money and possessions. You may not reap the rewards of a new business venture until the time of year. The effort you put into work in early 2023 will come to fruition at the end of the year. Be patient when it comes to your income.

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7th, spending most of 2023 here. This is a conflicting placement, as Saturn brings structure and limitations, while Pisces energy is floaty, dreamy, and limitless. This placement can encourage us to take a more practical look at our dreams. It can also increase tension between reality and fantasy.

Spiritual discipline is a strong theme here. You can make the most of this energy by using religious rituals to enhance your sense of connection with the universe. You could encounter a guru who teaches you the secrets of the universe — or become one yourself. Just be sure that you are not taken advantage of or scammed by an authority figure who uses spiritual power for the wrong reasons.

Main characters of the zodiac in 2023:

Refer to your sun, moon, and rising.

  • Scorpios will be center stage this year. Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, there is heavy Martian energy going on in the first part of 2023, as well as an extremely rare Pluto transit. This may be one of your heaviest years.
  • Aries also has a significant role this year, as they are ruled by Mars too. The first part of 2023 brings intense Martian energy. You have the solar eclipse taking place in your sign in April, along with Jupiter residing in your sign until May.
  • Taurus takes the stage in the latter half of 2023, as Jupiter enters your sign in May, and the lunar eclipse in October takes place in your sign. Your ruling planet, Venus, plays a huge part in autumn.
  • Libras will truly be feeling it in the latter part of 2023, as they are also ruled by Venus, who will be calling out for attention at this time.

Supporting actors of the zodiac in 2023:

  • Aquarius, you should be pleased to know that the era of Aquarius begins this year, taking us all the way into 2044. Expect a deep transformation, although you may not completely feel it until the following years to come — know that this is just the beginning! Twenty years from now, you will be a totally different person — completely unrecognizable.
  • Pisces, while you may not be completely center stage this year, you’ll certainly feel it more than some of the other zodiac signs. With Saturn entering your sign, you’ve got some hard lessons to learn. A huge commitment is being offered, bringing safety and security, but you’ve got to work hard to make this happen.
  • Leo, you may be blurring in the background in 2023, especially as Venus turns retrograde in your sign in late summer — but you’re going to have an unexpected center-stage moment in early September, when Venus turns direct in your sign. Expect a lot of joy, pleasure, and attention that month — despite the hardships you’ll face in the prior months.

Stage crew of 2023:

As for Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Capricorn — this year will not be as intense for you as it is for the other zodiac signs. And that might be a very good thing, because everything will be more chill for you. However, be sure to check all three: sun, moon, and rising signs.

Your Personal Horoscope

Now that we’ve gone through the general trends, let’s see how 2023 will treat you, specifically. Please take a look at your sun sign, your moon sign, and your rising sign.


This year will be especially significant for you, with an emphasis on the first half of 2023. Your ruling planet, Mars, turns direct in January. You also have Jupiter residing in your sign until May. And lastly, the energy peaks around April 20th, when a solar eclipse happens in your sign. You can expect a lot of changes — they will be unexpected, chaotic, and destructive. But this is all necessary in order for you to build something grand from a more firm and solid foundation. By autumn, things should calm down a bit more for you.

Saturn transits to your twelfth house. This is an excellent time for spiritual discipline. This year, you may want to consider setting up a religious routine for yourself — for example, praying or meditating each day at a specific time for a certain length. You could also be experiencing many “goodbyes” to people who you are destined to finally let go of. Do not let limitations on your dreams frustrate you — keep putting in the work, and have patience that it will pay off in the longterm.

Pluto moving into Aquarius could spark an abrupt change within your friendship circle. Losing many friends will also open a new door to gaining many new friends. And then, your finances are looking good in May — perhaps a pay raise, a bonus paycheck, or a lavish gift comes to you at this time. You’re gaining something grand!

The Venus retrograde, happening in late summer, could relate to the children in your life if you have any. There may be a creative blockage — but this will burst through with vigor when Venus returns in September. In October, there will be strong themes of partnership and commitment. You could enter a new relationship, or experience a stronger sense of security with your current partner.


For you, 2023 may start out slow, but momentum will be seriously gained by the latter half. Mars going direct in January will not give you the same energy burst as it does for everyone else. Instead, you’ll be feeling more motivated to slow down, meditate more, and dream journal. More vivid dreams will come through, and they’ve got important messages for you.

In March, you could experience a strain within your friendship circle. You could be finding it more difficult to get yourself out there and socialize — don’t push it! There’s intense transformation coming for your career path. When it comes to work, the universe is nudging you to think about the longterm picture — where do you see yourself twenty years from now? It’s a big question, but you’re being called to address it at this time.

Mid-spring, there’s something you need to give up — and this could very likely be a romantic interest, a close friend, or a business partner. It’s almost certain that as soon as you say goodbye to this person, that someone better will be right around the corner. Jupiter is showering you with blessings in May, as it transits into your sign. Expect grand wealth — on an emotional or physical level.

There may be some setbacks within your living situation in late summer, and some of you may be moving somewhere new by September. There could also be a great restructure within your family dynamic.

You truly take on main character energy in late October, when the lunar eclipse happens in your sign. Alongside, attention is drawn to your health and daily habits. Investing in better self-care is likely at the time.


Gemini, you’ve been dealing with a lot of passive aggression and suppressed anger since Mars has been retrograding in your sign since the fall of 2022. Come mid-January, expect a sweet sense of release as Mars finally turns direct. Just be sure to channel this energy towards an exercise routine or a cleaning spree, rather than lashing out at someone.

When it comes to work, you’re being called to put in extra time and energy. You may experience some setbacks regarding pay and promotion. But in the longterm, most of you are on a very stable and lasting career path. Some of you have big travel plans this year, you may be even moving to a foreign land! Others are taking their education in a niche to an expert level! A huge revelation could hit you hard in late March.

There are many changes happening around your neighborhood, community, or place of work. You could be joining a team of people who have the same health goals as you. Adjustments are required when it comes to how you interact with your peers.

Autumn could bring a huge burst in creativity, especially if you lean into your mystical side. If you have kids in your life, they will play a huge role for you at this time. One child in particular could be demonstrating a lot of maturity and wisdom. It’s worth reconnecting with your own childhood dreams.


Cancer, late 2022 has been exhausting for you, with Mars retrograding in your twelfth house for three months! Mars finally turns direct in January, but you won’t feel this until it enters your sign in late March. At that time, motivation will return and passion will surge — just watch out for hotheadedness!

This year, you may feel restricted when it comes to travel — be careful about travel plans, perhaps even push them to the following year if possible. You could be feeling very stuck in your overall place in life. For those of you in school, a great amount of your time and effort should be placed towards studying and learning. Pluto is entering your eighth house for the next twenty years or so… this is quite an intense formation! Your sense of vulnerability is being completely transformed.

This spring, eclipse season is stirring a great change within your career. If you have kids in your life, there is change happening between you and them too. Taking a leap of faith, or a creative risk, is sure to make an impact.

Over the summer, friendship plays a huge impact, as you could be spending a lot more time socializing with others. Late summer money could bring some financial issues, but a likely bonus in September will help you get back on track. And then in autumn, there is a change happening in regards to your friends or family. There could be new roommates, or old roommates moving out. You could have family moving in or out of your house.


A romantic commitment is likely to play a significant role for you in the year of 2023. If you’re in a relationship, then your commitment may be tested. And if you’re single, then the universe is forcing you to address your limitations with intimacy. Depending how hard you are willing to work, you could find yourself in a very firm and solid relationship.

For the next twenty years, Pluto will be in your seventh house — this means intense transformation within your relationships. This mainly refers to the relationship with your romantic partner, but for singles it can also be about a best friend or business partner. You may want to completely reconstruct the way you handle and relate to others. There could be an intense hurdle within your relationship in the spring.

Springtime brings conflict between wanting to try something new and explore verses wanting to stick to the old. Some of you are moving somewhere very far. There could be a strong desire to travel somewhere that you’ve only known before in a past life. Your career is blowing up in May, and many of you are likely to receive a huge promotion or bonus paycheck at this time.

Venus retrograde will hit you the hardest, since it occurs in your sign. You could be missing an old lover at this time, reconnecting with someone from the past, or feeling great distance between you and your partner. However, when Venus turns direct in early September, this could bring you a new soulmate, or a joyful, fresh start within your relationship.

Autumn brings change in your career path. The power of networking could land you a much better job, if you’re looking. Taking a creative risk at work is bound to pay off.


This year, you’ve really got to put work into your relationship, because there’s great potential to make it last. There will be some setbacks between you and your partner, but they’re designed to strengthen your bond, not break it. For some, joining forces with a coworker could lead to outstanding financial gain in the longterm.

Intense transformation is happening within your daily routine and health habits. The universe is urging you to try something completely new — a new skincare regime, a new type of diet, a new workout plan, etc. — in order to keep your health in check.

By spring, you may be joining a spiritual community, or a team involved in taboo or controversial subjects. You may surprised to find yourself bonding with a sibling, coworker, or classmate over the esoteric subjects.

Traveling and exploring somewhere new this year will be incredibly beneficial, especially around springtime. Don’t be afraid to throw some money into traveling, as it will bounce right back to you, perhaps even threefold! It could also pay off to invest into higher education in order to boost your career.

Late summer could bring the return of an old lover. In other cases, it may bring a breakup or the end of a romantic cycle. In autumn, your career path is being taken to a higher level. Investing in your education is bound to pay off and help you climb that latter. Some of you may be traveling with a partner or best friend in October — this is the best time to do so.


Be sure to pay extra attention to your health this year. This is the best year for implementing a new workout or skincare routine. There’s no need to spend extra money on unnecessary doctor appointments or fancy health gadgets, just as long as you’re remembering to take care of yourself.

You may find yourself becoming inspired by mystery, the occult, and all things dark and hidden in the universe. Don’t be too nervous to dip into the esoteric arts. You could find your mediumship powers increasing, with passed loved ones reaching out to you. Also, there could be a change happening between you and a kid in your life.

The springtime draws attention to a partner — either romantic or strictly business. You’re bonding a lot with this person and they are sure to bring you a lot of success. If you continue leaning into your curiosity for the dark arts, you may even make some money through your psychic gifts. As the year goes on, you become more and more drawn to the mystical and forbidden. There may be some distance between you and your friends in late summer, but around September, you’ll feel a lot of joy within your circle.

The latter part of 2023 is when you fully take on main character energy. Your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde in late July and then comes back with a bang in early September. The solar eclipse on October 14th takes place in your sign, and the lunar eclipse on October 28th takes place in Taurus which is also ruled by Venus. In other words, autumn is when you take the spotlight. Expect an intense change — that will be completely unexpected.


Your ruling planet, Mars, is making a splash this year. Coming out of retrograde in January, you’ll be enthused to get your energy back — not just your physical capability, but your passion too! Your other ruling planet, Pluto, making an extremely rare transit in March — you’re really going to feel this one, too! Chaotic transformation is happening all around you — but that shouldn’t phase you much — in fact, as a Scorpio, you truly thrive on this energy.

You may be dealing with some creative blockages this year — you’ll have to work a bit harder to tap into your imagination. There could also be limits regarding children or a father-figure. Alongside, some transformation is happening within your family or home life. There could be a new baby coming into the family, a new in-law, or a move into a new home.

The springtime lunar eclipse takes place in your sign. A very intense change is bound to happen. It’s likely that this will relate to your health or your daily habits. This could be a new job, a different health routine, or quitting and addictive habit. Someone in your life can offer you great success — whether romantically, or when it comes to your career. This will be made very well known around March.

Late summer could bring some difficulties with work, however, by September you will be feeling very cared for and appreciated at your job. In autumn, a heavy transformation takes place within your partnership. This could be a new romantic partner or the start of a new cycle with your current. In other cases, this could be a new person — romantic, platonic, or business — who enters your life and completely shakes everything up.


This year, you are experiencing some limitations when it comes to your home and family life. You may be aching to spend more time at home or with family — this is not the best time for moving or distancing yourself from family.

Things are changing within your community or neighborhood — you could be getting new neighbors, or joining a team where you meet a lot of new people. The universe encourages you to take a new hobby, as this could be something you end up completely dedicating yourself to in return for deep satisfaction.

In the spring, there could be a child coming to you for something important, and you may recognize a lot of wisdom and maturity in them. For those of you who don’t have kids in your life, you could be having dreams about your childhood, or working on inner-child healing.

Your health will be blessed this year in the latter half. You may even be able to make some money, perhaps even a whole career, out of a health topic that you’re into. A pay raise is likely around May.

Late summer may call for you to take a trip to an old, childhood destination. In the autumn, you could be getting involved in a community with similar health goals as you — joining a gym or workout studio, for example.


Your ruling planet, Saturn, is making a transit in March. This is likely to be your best month in 2023. Something within your community or neighborhood is being restructured. Some of you are feeling inspired to teach, or take a leadership position.

There’s a lot of changes happening within your finances. Make sure you hold onto your emergency funds, as you may need to spend it in the spring. You may be hit with an intense urge to throw away all of your belongings or buy yourself an entirely new wardrobe. Springtime is ideal for getting rid of old belongings — take spring cleaning to a much higher level!

In the spring, you could be seriously bonding with your team or community. Spending time with a large group of family around March will be very healing. Kids, especially, are taking up a big space in your life this year. Children may tie closely into your career path, especially in the latter of 2023.

Late summer could bring some confusion, as there is some temporary distance between you and some loved ones. Just know that this is temporary, and around September, you’re going to be feeling the love very intensely! In autumn, a change is happening in regards to the kids in your life — and if you don’t have any, then you could be doing some deep, inner child healing.


Welcome to the era of Aquarius, my Aquarian! Pluto transits into Aquarius in March, and will stay here for approximately the next twenty years. Consider this the most auspicious period of your lifetime! Everybody changes after two decades, but you will be experiencing the most intense transformation of all! You’re going to be feeling more connected to the children being born of this generation — how cool!

Your ruling planet, Saturn, is transiting in the spring. The universe encourages you to limit your spending and reconsider where you direct your money. The good news is that your career path is very steady and all of your hard work will pay off in the longterm.

The spring brings you a significant career change. You could be changing jobs altogether, or experiencing a restructure at your current job. This change involves creativity and communication. You be gaining a more influential voice at work.

There will be a lot of fortune within your home or family. You could receive an impressive amount of money from a family member, or cut down on your bills and rent money, or experience an overall sense of joy within your home life.

There may be some fights or communication between you and your loved one in late summer, but this will likely resolve itself by September and therefore strengthen your bond with each other. Attention is drawn to your career once again in the fall. Your job is being directly impacted by your living situation or family circle, or vice versa.


Saturn is moving into your zodiac sign in March of 2023. As a Pisces, you may struggle with the limitations that Saturn puts on your life. But the universe is presenting you with a longterm commitment that will lead to vast success. This year, be extra patient with yourself, and find the value of hard work and discipline.

This spring, you may be hit with a deep and unexpected transformation — but this is bound to be a very secretive and private change that other people don’t know about.

In the spring, you may be traveling for work, or exploring for educational purposes. You’re eager to experience something new — this may come along with financial benefits. Networking at work will lead to vast success. You’re feeling much more social than usual, especially in the latter of 2023.

There will be a temporary setback in your health during late summer. This issue will heal itself by September, and you’ll be feeling better than ever! In the autumn, you could be traveling with a small group of people, or joining a small class. The autumn is an awesome time for exploration and creative flow!

“The Captain & the Mermaid” Now Available as an Audiobook!

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I had a lot of fun recording my book. There is an option to pay for a professional actor to record your book, but I thought it would be an awesome experience to reenact it myself. And it really was! It was like bringing the book to life! Through this experience I could completely immerse myself into the characters, environment, and feelings — more deeper than just writing. It gave me an even deeper understanding of my own work.

I have to admit, I found myself getting annoyed with Fuchsia (the main character) several times. I think that’s a good thing because in my opinion, main characters aren’t supposed to be completely likable, they’re just supposed to be relatable.

I was considering selling the audiobook on Amazon, along with the book, but I decided that I wanted to publish it for free. I wanted to make it accessible for more people. I also enjoyed the process of recording so much that I’m really happy to share it without a price. If you do enjoy the audiobook, you can show support by buying a copy of my book, but it’s not necessary.

What’s next? I’d like to release a second edition of C&M in order to make the formatting a little better and fix a few typos. I would also love to record Forbidden Knowledge at some point! Self-publishing is awesome and I am looking forward to putting out more books, I can’t say for sure what’s next, one of my ideas in mind is a nonfiction piece. We shall see! Recording the book certainly gave me some ideas for a sequel…

Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. In numerology, nine is the last number, because all numbers are reduced to a single digit. Therefore, nine represents maturity, wisdom, and completion. It is also the most intense number of all, being the last. In astrology, the ninth house represents expanded consciousness in two ways: physically through travel, or mentally through knowledge. The ninth house is opposite of the third: as the learn house represents primary learning (elementary school, hobbies, basic skills, etc), the ninth house represents extended learning (college and grad school, expertise in a niche, being a teacher.)

Sagittarius is stands for the cantour: a mythological creature with the top half of a man and the bottom half of a horse. This creature is typically depicted with a bow and arrow. This represents the dual nature of Sagittarius: wild like an animal, but wise like a human. The bow and arrow represents their incredible focus and determination, proving that they are goal-oriented and set their aim high. They are always chasing after something and rarely let distraction get in the way.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (along with Pisces), the planet of expansion, spirituality, and fortune. Jupiter screams, “the more, the merrier!” Jupiter knows no boundaries; they want to keep on expanding, growing, and achieving without rest. But Jupiter is also happy-go-lucky, in that they never have to work too hard to make something happen — they just have to stay focused. Jupiter also has a strong spiritual component, implying that most Sagi’s feel a strong connection with the divine.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, along with Aries and Leo. Fire represents youth; and Sagittarius is the eldest of the group, which adds a dash of responsibility to the impulsive, energetic, and rambunctious qualities of this element. Fire signs are passionate, warm, and masculine — they are physically-oriented, action-takers. They like to take charge and are impossible to ignore.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, along with Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. This makes them more relaxed, easygoing, and flexible compared to the other zodiac’s. They may struggle with initiating new projects — but they are gifted at wrapping up and concluding old projects. They like to have the final word. It may be tricky for them to warm up to new people, but they know when it’s time to say goodbye.

Horoscope for December 2022

You can let yourself dream again as Neptune comes out of retrograde. You may feel more inspired to fantasize, or feel a greater connection to spirituality, during the first few days of December.

With Mercury entering Capricorn on the 6th, and a full moon in Gemini on the 7th, this marks an excellent time for communication and socialization. Use this period to clear up misunderstandings, have an important conversation with someone, or get chatty with a group of friends. The 9th will be a joyful day as Venus enters Capricorn. You may find more enjoyment through work or your personal goals.

The latter part of December brings a fresh start and happy, new beginnings. Jupiter enters Aries on the 20th, which brings great fortune, especially in regards to trying something new and leaving the past behind. The 21st marks Capricorn season, along with Winter Solstice and a brand new wheel of the year. And then comes a new moon in Capricorn on the 23rd, along with Chiron turning direct — bringing deep healing, forgiveness, and a refreshed sense of morality.

And lastly, on the 29th, Mercury turns retrograde — which pushes our communication to turn inwards rather than out. It’s a great time of reflection — be sure that you think twice before you speak, or someone may easily misinterpret you.

Check your sun, moon, and rising:

At the start of December, your voice is being heard. You could be gaining more recognition in the workplace or attracting more clients to your business. The full moon on the 7th highlights your relationship with your peers, along with primary learning. This is an excellent time for taking on a new hobby or skill with a small group of likeminded people. You will also be finding much more fulfillment through work, goal achievement, and personal accomplishment. If you’re coupled up, your relationship is entering the spotlight. In the latter part of the month, Jupiter is entering your zodiac, which brings you grand fortune — either through financial gain or emotional wealth. Finally, the new moon on the 23rd is an ideal time for planting seeds on a new business idea. Overall, this month is an awesome time for working hard and being rewarded for your strong efforts.

Taurus, you may want to considering teaching, or joining an advanced-level class, as your thirst for knowledge is spiked in December. You have a lot of wisdom, and sharing it with others, along with multiplying that wisdom with other likeminded sages, will bring you deep fulfillment. On the 7th, the full moon may likely bring you financial gain; or at the very least, a cozy sense of comfort and support from your loved ones. Celebrate it with a hot cup of tea and a warm blanket in front of the fire. Your desire for higher knowledge continues to grow as the month goes on — you may want to travel somewhere new or make plans for an upcoming vacation. In the latter part of the month, you will find your dreams becoming more vivid and prominent. This is a ripe time for deep meditation, lucid dreaming, and astral projection.

Coming into December, you’re searching for more than what meets the eye. As your intuition is heightened, you’re finding that what people say is not exactly what they mean — and you can see right through their true intentions. The full moon on the 7th takes place in your zodiac sign, emphasizing a fresh start and great harmony, as it feels like the world is revolving around you! Mid-month, you could feel a very deep sense of connection and intimacy with a loved one. Towards the end of December, attention is drawn to your friendship circle or community. If you’re looking for more success in business, spend this time networking and socializing — as you could meet a mutual friend who hooks you up with a favorable opportunity for your career. Finally, concluding the month, there’s another emphasis on solving a mystery and digging beneath the surface. A grand change for you is on the horizon.

This month, you can expect a person in your life to play a very important role — for some of you, this is a romantic interest, and for others this is a business partnership. Expect an important conversation with this certain someone during the first week of December. The full moon on the 7th may feel less social for you than it does for others — rather, it brings you a deeper sense of introspection, meditation, and reflection. Instead of going out, use this day to catch up on sleep and wrap up some old projects. Mid-month brings great pleasure between you and your sweetie — have a cozy night at home with one another. In the latter half, you’re ready to step back into the spotlight. Expect a promotion, raise, or bonus paycheck at work! At the end of December, it would be advisable to begin a new business project. This is the start of a new commitment — either in terms of career or relationships.

Leo, this month has your focus shifting on health and daily habits. The first week could bring you some excellent health advice if you keep your ears open. You may find yourself eager to share your “beauty secrets” or “fitness routine” to those who are curious. The full moon on the 7th brings you an urgency to give back to those who are less fortunate. You may feel inspired to start a fitness program, or write a social media post about how people can break toxic habits. Indulging in a hot bath or massage can really help you unwind, as Venus makes a transit on the 9th. Coming into the latter part of December, you’re feeling very inspired to expand your horizons — stimulate your mind with a new skill, a lengthy book, or a trip to a new destination. Wrapping up December, take on a different habit that will supercharge your routine.

This month, you’re feeling inspired to share new ideas and speak in imaginative ways. You could be spending more time with a child and relating to them better than usual. On the 7th, the full moon highlights your place in society — you’re thinking more about your reputation and how you present yourself to the world. Some of you are spending more time at work, or putting better effort into your career. As Venus transits on the 9th, a burst of pleasure and bliss is headed your way — allow yourself to release your inner child to the world! Visualize your biggest fantasies and laugh until your head rolls off! The second part of December could bring an unexpected burst of transformation. Those who are coupled up will feel an intensely spiritual connection with their partner. This could be a ripe time for pregnancy for those who are looking to conceive. And for others, this an awesome time to start a brand new creative project.

Early December brings an important conversation with a family member, or perhaps something about your living situation. Also, some of you are feeling inspired to speak up more about your spiritual beliefs. You may want to spend the first or second week traveling, as the full moon on the 7th highlights your need for adventure. On the other hand, it’s also a ripe time for acquiring occult, esoteric knowledge. Mid-month, there’s a lot of harmony surrounding your home life. You may be getting along better with your family or making positive changes to your residence. The latter part of December has you focused on a special someone. You may be taking your relationship to the next level, to the point where you can your sweetie as family. If you’re in a business partnership, money will flow heavily for the both of you! Concluding December, you could be moving locations or simply moving furniture around — others are welcoming a new pet, in-law, or baby into their family.

Dear Scorpio, the first week of December sparks an important conversation — between your siblings, coworkers, or close friends. On the 7th, the full moon is sure to be very intense for you — highlighting deep change and psychic power. It would benefit you greatly to lean into your spirituality on this day with a witchy ritual. You may even be able to come into contact with your passed loved ones. Mid-month brings you a dash of social charm and popularity among your peers. The end of the month has you paying more attention to your health and daily habits. Money looks good for those who are involved in healthcare, fitness, or healing. Remember that if you want to change your life, you have to change your day. Alongside, you could be starting a new hobby that will eventually lead to a lot of satisfaction and success.

Sagittarius, you enter the month in the midst of Sagittarius season, which brings higher self-awareness and hopefully for most of you, higher spirits. As December goes on, your focus is gradually shifting from yourself to the resources outside of yourself — like money, food, and the people who love you. The full moon on the 7th highlights your “shadow self,” or the parts of others that you believe you lack. Spend some extra time this week with your partner or best friend. If you’re up for it, dive deep into some shadow work. Alongside, the Venus transit happening mid-month could bless you with a lavish gift, a bonus paycheck, or some delicious food. In the latter part of December, you could get hit with a sudden burst of creative flow. If there’s a child or children in your life, they are demanding extra attention from you. Finishing up the month, you’re putting in the work and thinking a lot about longterm success.

You’re starting the month out feeling a little more quiet, introspective, and exhausted than usual — but as the month progresses, you will notice your energy steadily returning. In the first week, your communication skills are on point and you’re finding it easier to clear up prior misunderstandings. The full moon on the 7th pushes you to pay more attention to your health. Be sure to catch up on rest and pay extra care to your needs. Mid-month brings a fresh start in your love life, as your charm and attractiveness is boosted, and you’re suddenly finding more people are drawn to you. In the latter half of December, you’re focusing deeply on your home and family life. Some of you are expanding your home or receiving an expansion in family. Alongside, you may find yourself feeling more spiritual connection. Lastly, the start of Capricorn season followed by the new moon in Capricorn brings happiness and harmony! You’re ready for a new chapter!

Aquarius, the start of December brings some secretive, and perhaps even telepathic communication. Someone is spilling a secret; and they may be speaking to you through intuition rather than words. The full moon on the 7th brings you excitement, imagination, and childlike joy. You’re feeling creative and expressive — throw yourself into an art project or spend more time with any children in your life. By mid-month, you may be involved in a secret affair or low-key relationship. Possibly, an old lover or friend from the past could come back. Nearing the end of December, you could be learning a new craft and bonding more with your peers. Visiting local shops and restaurants will bring you extra joy. Along with that, you will also be entering a phase of slowing down and turning inwards — wrapping up a chapter in preparation for January’s Aquarius season.

This month will be putting more focus on your friendship circle and community. In the first week, having a conversation with friends about your vision for the future will help you manifest these desires. On the 7th, the full moon highlights your home and family life — around this week, spending more time relaxing at home, or hanging out with your family, is absolutely necessary. You’re also thinking more about your spiritual beliefs at this time — perhaps questioning your destiny. Around the 20th, someone could gift you with a present, some cash, or a tasty, home cooked meal. The latter part of December blesses you with a fresh burst in optimism. You could have a new friend entering your life, or a new cycle unfolding in your friendship group.

Book Review: The Penelopiad

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood is a retelling of the classic Odyssey from a new perspective.

Penelope is currently wandering the Underworld in her afterlife. She retells Odyssey from her own point of view.

Over two-thousand years ago, she was the wife of Odysseus, married at the age of fifteen. During his journey of unbelievable escapades, Penelope waited for him for twenty years until he finally returned. In the meantime, many suitors schemed in attempt to take his place.

In this novel, Penelope’s character remains fairly true to her original image. She is humble, patient, and very clever. But she is given much more of a voice than she ever had in The Odyssey. Alongside, the twelve murdered maids are also given a voice, in demanding justice for their cruel fate.

What’s also clearly presented is the tension between Penelope and her cousin, Helen of Troy. Penelope feels threatened of Helen and is very jealous of her, while Helen is condescending and dismissive of Penelope. Seeing this dynamic is fascinating.

This book was a fairly short read and I enjoyed it. I really liked the concept of Penelope speaking to us in present day, not only recounting her version of The Odyssey, but also commenting on her experience in the afterlife. There’s a lot of dark humor — along with an overall, general darkness.

My only criticism is that at some parts the story fall flat and lacks conflict, instead dwelling on the sorrow and misery of waiting around for a return that may never happen. On the other hand, the author certainly captures that feeling of floating between nothingness, having absolutely no control of your fate, and battling against the worst nightmares of your mind.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 — 4/5 stars

I almost had an affair with a man twice my age

I was in my early 20s and he was in his early 40s. I held back because I thought it would leave me haunted… as it turns out, I am haunted just the same. It makes me question if we really did have a full-on affair, would I feel more spooked, remorseful, and regretful… because I cannot imagine feeling any worse than I do today.

I held back because I thought it would leave me haunted… as it turns out, I am haunted just the same.

I haven’t seen him in over a year; but last night I had one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever experienced, and it was with him. In this dream, we knew it would be our final moments together, that we would never see each other again after this encounter. Knowing that, like magnets, we couldn’t help but kiss each other — even though there were other people in the room, yet we pretended that they were not watching.

This dream with him was extremely intimate — on both a physical and emotional level. I took him to my hometown where there was a carnival going on, and we rode down this big slide together hugging each other. By the end of the dream, I asked him why he chose to leave me in real life, and he told me that he had to do it, but that he still may return to me someday. Still dreaming, I knew this was our final moment together, and I begged him to see me again. But he told me that we could not be together.

They thought that our age gap was disgusting.

It wasn’t just the two of us in this dream I had. There were many other people — and all of them were judging us. They thought that our age gap was disgusting. People who had once known me in high school, in college, and at my job in my early twenties — they were all judging us. We could not bare the thought of bringing each other home to our families. We knew they would judge us. Nobody likes to see an age-gap relationship — even the celebrities barely get away with it.

Sometimes dreams are the best gift. They allow you to not only see — but feel, touch, smell, immerse yourself in a person who you thought you’d never see again. Waking up is the hardest part, knowing that with each passing hour, the dream will become blurrier and fuzzier. So, I replay the dream over and over, hoping that my memory doesn’t fizzle it out.

Sometimes dreams are the best gift. They allow you to not only see — but feel, touch, smell, immerse yourself in a person who you thought you’d never see again.

When I first met him, I thought it would be an affair. But as I got to know him more, I fell in love, and I wanted to be with him. I was with someone else at the time, and I left him because I wanted to be with this man who was twice my age. However, that wasn’t enough, because he was with someone else too — even though somedays he told me he was, other days he told me he wasn’t — or maybe that was my delusional mind pretending to see that he wasn’t.

I won’t go too deep into details, because the whole thing is far too confusing to recall. I’d much rather recall the dream I recently had — we were close, we were in love, but he had to go.

When I look back on what happened between us, I have two versions: one in which he’s the villain, and the other in which I am the villain. Although, if there is one thing that my dream taught me, it’s that neither of us are the villains — the people around us were the villains, the ones who were judging us, gossiping about us, and keeping us apart.

Neither of us are the villains — the people around us were the villains.

If I could ask God anything, I would ask, “Why do you lead two people together at the absolute worst timing — when one or both of them are taken, when they were born a whole twenty years apart?” We had every single factor going against us, it’s amazing that in one moment in time, even just for a second, that we felt as one.

Surviving Lyme Disease

It was the scariest health crisis I’ve ever had, and I’m still left frightened over the longterm outcome.

The disease must have crept up on me, covertly and sneakily, without any of my conscious awareness — because I did not see it until Stage 3, when the bacteria had already attacked my joints to the point of immobility.

  • Stage 1: This is characterized by a rash known as “the bullseye rash” which I did not ever recall having.
  • Stage 2: Around 20% of Lyme disease sufferers reach the second stage, which include these symptoms: “flu-like symptoms, lymphadenopathy, arthralgia, myalgia, palsies of the cranial nerves (especially CN-VII), ophthalmic conditions, and lymphocytic meningitis. Additionally, cardiac manifestations such as conduction abnormalities, myocarditis, or pericarditis may occur.” (Source)
  • Stage 3: This comes with arthritis of large joints, commonly knees.

Lyme diseases progresses anywhere from months to years. And again, it wasn’t until Stage 3, when I knew that something was very wrong with my body.

It was the summer of 2020. My knee blew up twice its size. I blamed it on moving, I blamed it on work, I blamed it on excessive physical labor and stress. I told myself it would pass. I happened to have off work that week, so lucky enough it was easy for me to spend the entire week in bed. I debated seeing a doctor, but walking down the stairs was too much of a struggle, so I convinced myself that it would pass after enough rest.

It did pass. And then it came back two weeks later, in the other knee. It was red, it was hot, it was swollen like a balloon. This time, I was at work, which made it far more difficult to hide. Everyone could see that something was wrong with me.

  • I felt shame. I felt like something was wrong with me, like I was defective and broken.
  • I felt embarrassed as everyone was staring at me, expressing their concern, asking what was wrong with me — noticing me limping around, gripping on the wall to keep me standing upright, moving slower than molasses.
  • I felt judged as if people were assuming I was “faking it” or being dramatic, when in reality, I was trying my absolutely hardest to pretend I was fine. I felt paranoid that people assumed I was seeking attention when it was just the opposite.
  • I felt scared because my body was breaking down on me and I had no idea why. I thought I might become handicapped for the rest of my life.
  • I felt betrayed by my body. I thought my body had given up on me, no longer fighting to keep me healthy and alive.
  • I felt confused about what was happening, why it was happening, how long this would be happening.
  • I felt powerless as I lost the ability to do basic human functions that I take for granted.

After a week or two, it passed. Somehow, I put on a good enough show for my coworkers to believe that I was not sick.

A couple weeks later, and it was back. It kept on coming and going, like a toxic relationship. It came for my wrists, and then my ankles, and then my jaw, and then my back… one joint at a time.

I can’t believe how good I was at hiding it — for the most part. It affected my ability to walk, to eat, to open lids… and this went on for over a year, from June 2020 until August 2021.

Finally seeking help

Finally, with a severely swollen ankle, as I could not walk from my kitchen to my living room without crying, was when I decided to first seek help. I drove to Urgent Care where my doctor gave me a diagnosis of autoimmune disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The Urgent Care doctor told me to seek a Primary Doctor. The Primary Doctor was not available for another month or so, at that point in which my symptoms went back into hiding. My primary doctor completely undermined my experience and suggested seeking a foot doctor — even though I specifically told her the incidents involving my wrist, jaw, back, etc. Instead, I sought a Rheumatologist, which would be another long wait.

By the time I got my appointment, my arthritis was completely dormant. It was as if the Lyme disease, or the infectious bacteria, was a conscious entity that knew it was about to be discovered. It was as if the disease purposely went undercover when it knew it was about to be exposed. It was as if the disease was alive, aware, and trying to defeat me.

Fighting for a diagnosis

The Rheumatologist practically laughed at me when I showed up to my appointment with no active symptoms. All I had was a story — and that story came with tears. The tears came rolling down my face as I explained to her my experience, vivid flashbacks of all the upsetting emotions I faced during my arthritic episodes. Only at that point, did she begin to take me seriously.

I had bloodwork done and tested negative for RA. I had to keep pushing for answers. I got a second round of bloodwork done which now included Lyme disease — and there it was — I tested positive. (By the way, it takes at least months of infection for it to show up in your blood.)

I was put on treatment for a month of daily antibiotics. Every few months, I came back to the doctor for updates. She told me that if I had another severe episode that I could come in for an emergency appointment.

It has been one year since I was officially diagnosed with Lyme disease, and one year since I was treated with antibiotics. Following treatment, I only had one incident of arthritis in my foot around wintertime, but it was much lighter than prior episodes — and since then, I have had no arthritis.

I have been “symptom-free” for almost a year now. But there is a reason I put “symptom-free” in quotations. I am not out of the woods.

Post Treatment Lyme Disease

The CDC states that many patients can feel long-lasting affects after treatment — this phenomena is so common that there’s a name for it: Post Treatment Lyme disease (PTMD). There is no known cure for PTMD.

Lingering affects include pain, fatigue, and difficulty thinking. It can cause flulike symptoms.

What worries me is that, if I was unable to identify Stage 1 and 2 of Lyme, then how can I properly understand if I am suffering from PTMD or not? Am I disconnected from my body or a victim of wishful thinking, to breakdown that severely without acknowledging it?

I’m surviving

Lyme disease is becoming more common in recent times. Celebrities such as Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, and many more have reported to have gotten infected. And yet, there is hardly any research on its longterm affects, and doctors are not as aware of it as they should be.

Through this process, I’ve learned to take my health more seriously and seek out help when necessary — even when you have to fight for doctors to take your health seriously. I’m continuing to do my research and try my best to stay aware of symptoms.

Do you have, or know anyone who has, experience with Lyme disease?