Journal Journey: Ages 15 to 16

Okay, this journal has a super cute design, maybe as cute as the cow journal. A little cat weighing itself with the words “for my eyes only.” I believe I bought this while out shopping with my mom and Gram. Just opening the first page, I can feel that this journal is going to beContinue reading “Journal Journey: Ages 15 to 16”

Best EDM of the 2010s

The 2010s was a decade of EDM (electronic dance music) explosion! It was the period when EDM became much more mainstream and heavily influential in top 40 pop songs. “Dubstep” first emerged in the late 90s, but remained largely unheard of until post-2010. Many other genres of EDM, including trance, drum & bass, hardcore, house,Continue reading “Best EDM of the 2010s”