Numerology Prediction for 2022 (Year of 6)

This year, the universal number is “6.” This year will of course affect everyone differently, depending on your personal number. But this is the prediction for the overall, collective conscious. 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6 2021 was the year of "5" Last year, the number was “5,” which represents unexpected change.… Continue reading Numerology Prediction for 2022 (Year of 6)


Mystery Monday ~ Numerology 101

Intro to numerology Numerology is a way of decoding your personality, relationships, future, etc. through the examination of numbers in your life. It is similar to, yet completely distinct from, astrology. While astrology focuses on positions of the planets and stars, numerology strictly focuses on numbers. The philosophy behind it is that each number holds… Continue reading Mystery Monday ~ Numerology 101