Little Pixie ~ An Introduction (Part I)

Nixie, the little pixie, was the youngest child of thirteen. The family resided by the ocean, as they were water pixies. They lived among other mythical creatures such as fairies, nymphs, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and so on. Their world was similar to the human world, except instead of mechanical technology, they relied on biotechnology and… Continue reading Little Pixie ~ An Introduction (Part I)


Fanfiction ~ Joker & Harley Quinn have a BABY!

So, I wrote this fan fiction about Joker and Harley Quinn having a baby together. This is not accurate, although I tried to keep it as close to both characters's nature as possible. In May 2017, they wrote the storyline of Harley having a baby named "Lucy" in secret, who Joker knows nothing about, who… Continue reading Fanfiction ~ Joker & Harley Quinn have a BABY!