Halloween Recipe ~ Soul Cakes

Soul cakes are rich cookies that have been used traditionally by the British and Irish during the Middle Ages on Halloween. As children and the poor would go door-to-door in hopes of money or blessings, many homes would give out soul cakes. This is where the origin of trick-or-treating came from. Soul cakes have evenContinue reading “Halloween Recipe ~ Soul Cakes”

Fastnachts 2020

Today I was with my relatives for the annual fastnacht-baking festival. Fastnachts are traditional Pennsylvania Dutch doughnuts made from potatoes. The dough is cut, rises, and then we fry it. Before: After: Traditionally they are eaten on “fat Tuesday” in preparation for Lent. We just eat them fresh off the fryer. And there’s always plentyContinue reading “Fastnachts 2020”