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Cat Personalities According To Their Fur Color

Did you know that your cat's fur color says a lot about their personality? Photo by Dietmar Ludmann on Unsplash All cats have their own, unique, individual personalities. However, it is said that the color/style of their fur says a lot about them. The reason for a lack of cat breeds can be placed on overpopulation and excessive… Continue reading Cat Personalities According To Their Fur Color

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Caturday ~ The Sphynx Cat (Hairless)

The Sphynx is the most common breed of hairless cat. Completely bald, it's also known for its wrinkly skin and large ears. In some cases they may have a delicately light layer of fur. Sphynxs have kind and playful personalities. They're curious and love getting attention. Hairless cats have existed throughout history as random genetic… Continue reading Caturday ~ The Sphynx Cat (Hairless)