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My Daily Routine & Cleaning Schedule

Stability, reliability, and consistency is so important to me right now. I'm focused on bringing more security into my life. As someone who greatly suffers from anxiety, I have found that repetition and steady routine in my daily life is enormously helpful. 🧘‍♀️👍✅ This past year, I have put a lot of thought into what… Continue reading My Daily Routine & Cleaning Schedule

30-day challenges

30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (BLUE) day 24: list all the things that make you calm

BlanketsPillowsCatsHot teaSleepingMeditationSpasWarm bathsComediesTV shows from childhoodEspecially the show "Friends"Good musicYour smileSwimming in the oceanThunderstorm on the beach at nightMac & cheeseFamiliar thingsHugsSensory deprivationHeatSunlightVelvetSoft and fuzzy textureChamomileLavenderPurrsAnimalsBubblesFireplaceNatureWalking through the woodsLaughingSmilingGood vibesWhen everyone is happyFeeling safe and secureDrawing or doodlingWritingOrganizingReading a good bookDancinghoopingsingingcraftinggrooming myselfTie dyeMassagesSunset


The Five KEYS to unlocking your INTUITION!

Intuition is a part of you that is buried deep underneath, which knows and understands things that your conscious mind is not yet able to fully comprehend. Your intuition is like a locked up box: it's a mystery. If you want to discover your intuition, you must have the right "keys." "Keys" represent the internal… Continue reading The Five KEYS to unlocking your INTUITION!