Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 4)

The Coven The evening that followed my last day of school, aunt Lilac made me a special dinner. I feasted at the table but felt a little dreadful because I knew what she wanted to discuss — my future.  I squirmed as she finally began, “so, what’s next for you, Valerie?” I despised talking aboutContinue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 4)”

Quarantine Halloween ~ costume party with my cats!

Bad news… I couldn’t decide on a costume this year. Good news… I don’t have anywhere to go! It’s just my cats and me, stuck at home! The Coven Cheerleader The Black Cat The Groovy Ballerina THE CATS… Venus’s costume (left) is a black top featuring skeleton hands making the shape of a heart, alongContinue reading “Quarantine Halloween ~ costume party with my cats!”