Mystical Life of Pythagoras

Lots of mystery surrounds ancient philosopher Pythagoras. In modern times, we best know him from math class by the “Pythagorean theorem” — yet his legacy is far more mystical than what we were taught in school. Existing around 500 BC, there are limited reliable sources on his life, and some conflicting claims. Yet due toContinue reading “Mystical Life of Pythagoras”

Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 9)

Just as Alice was falling asleep that night, Quade was being kidnapped again by the cult. He was brought back to the same basement, tied up in the same chair. The black-cloaked cult members surrounded him. And standing right in front of him — Alice’s mother, Elizabeth. “F***! F***! F***!” Quade repeated out loud asContinue reading “Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 9)”

Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 5)

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 The night before Quade disappeared, he had been kidnapped on his way home from work. Stopped at a red light on a stranded back road, a group of people dressed in all black threw him out of his car, beat him up, and tossedContinue reading “Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 5)”