30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (GREEN) day 20: your thoughts on nature

Nature is so important! Society tries to fight nature and go against it, when really we need to work with it in harmony. We need to honor nature and appreciate it, but instead we try to battle it. Being outside is very healing. It keeps you grounded to the earth like a reality check. NatureContinue reading “30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (GREEN) day 20: your thoughts on nature”

Day 20: post about 3 celebrity crushes

1. Chris Pratt Looked good both before and after the weight loss. See that cute, round face. And dreamy eyes. He seems like a really funny guy. I like the Parks & Rec show he was in. Hopefully he is not as stupid as the character he plays, though. And he was awesome in JurassicContinue reading “Day 20: post about 3 celebrity crushes”