Halloween Playlist (147 songs)

When I first thought about creating a Halloween playlist, I thought, there's not really many songs about Halloween, other than the classic "Monster Mash" ...boy, was I wrong! Actually, after jumping down the musical rabbit hole, I was able to come up with 147 songs (including "Monster Mash" of course!) WITCHY What is Halloween without… Continue reading Halloween Playlist (147 songs)


HALLOWEEN 2020 ~ a preview of what’s to come…

Halloween is possibly my favorite holiday! It's the one time of year when we aren't expected to be overly cheerful, and it's even socially acceptable to go crazy! They say that during Halloween, "the veil between this world and the underworld" is at its thinnest. This means that spirits are more likely to come through… Continue reading HALLOWEEN 2020 ~ a preview of what’s to come…

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Autumn inspiration

Pumpkin spice chai lattes, apple cider, salted caramel... horror films, occult literature, esoteric documentaries... graveyards, ghost stories, oracle readings... orange and red leaves, carved pumpkins, Halloween decor... hoodies, furry boots, flannel... humid and heavy air morphs into a crisp breeze... Autumn is seriously my favorite time of year. Every season is beautiful (except spring, that's… Continue reading Autumn inspiration