Capricorn — March 2021

Capricorn, coming into March, you have Mars entering your 6th house on the 5th. It’s time to get proactive with your responsibilities. The start of the month is a great time for catching up on chores, appointments, bills, etc. that you’ve been putting off for a while. Most likely, you’ll find yourself getting into aContinue reading “Capricorn — March 2021”

Sagittarius — March 2021

Sagittarius, this month starts off with Mars entering your 7th house on the 5th. This is indicative of proneness to conflict with your partner, friends, or co-workers. On the plus side, it also means that you’ll be putting more effort into your relationship. And if you’re single, you’ll be likely to make moves on someoneContinue reading “Sagittarius — March 2021”

Scorpio — March 2021

Scorpio, you’re walking into March with Mars coming into your 8th house in the 5th. You’re seriously dedicated to self-improvement and self-transformation right now. You’re feeling inspired to earn more money, make personal changes, and solve mysteries. If you’re coupled up, there will be some fiery chemistry these next few weeks. If you’re single, thenContinue reading “Scorpio — March 2021”

Libra — March 2021

Libra, you’re coming into this month with Mars entering your 9th house. You’ll be feeling more motivated to learn more, possibly education or schooling, but more likely spiritual teachings. Knowledge is going to excite you. You could be studying more hours, hiring a tutor, signing up for online courses, getting more involved in a religiousContinue reading “Libra — March 2021”

Virgo — March 2021

Virgo, you enter this month with Mars lighting up your 10th house on March 5th. There could be a lot of drama and conflict at work among co-workers. On the positive side, this is indicative of trying harder at work and putting more effort into your career. Expect to feel more competitive against colleagues, fightingContinue reading “Virgo — March 2021”

Leo — March 2021

Leo, this month starts off with Mars entering your 11th house on March 5th. This placement could lead to conflict and arguments with friends or colleagues. On the positive side, this could also indicate more proactiveness in friendship — taking the initiative to hang out with others, coming together to play a team sport, orContinue reading “Leo — March 2021”

Cancer — March 2021

Cancer, the month begins with Mars entering your 12th house on March 5th, motivating you to pursue more spiritual goals rather than material or superficial. Alongside, you’re going to become more secretive with your pursuits. Expect a lot of sensual fantasies to run through your head. You could experience some energy depletion so it wouldContinue reading “Cancer — March 2021”

Gemini — March 2021

Gemini, this month starts off with Mars entering your sign on the 5th. Expect a boost of energy and greater motivation to go after what you want. When someone gives you a problem, you’ll be sure to stand your ground. If you’re a man, you’ll be feeling much more in touch with your masculine side.Continue reading “Gemini — March 2021”

Taurus — March 2021

Taurus, money is on your mind at the start of March, with Mars entering your second house on the 5th. You will be feeling more motivated to earn more, put in overtime at work, and buy more, too. Watch out for overspending! Halfway through March, Mercury enters your 11th house, provoking conversation with friends. Don’tContinue reading “Taurus — March 2021”

Aries — March 2021

Aries, the start of the month may begin with conflict as drama-feuled Mars enters your 3rd house of communication. There could be a confrontation with a family member, friend, or co-worker. You can harness this fiery energy in a positive way by expressing yourself through action rather than words. Resist the urge to get involvedContinue reading “Aries — March 2021”