My Gratitude For Music, Books, and All Forms of Art

I love music. I love books. I love all forms of art — and I’d like to express my deep gratitude for it all. I’d like to consider myself a minimalist. But when it comes to certain things, like vinyl records and books for example, I’m a bit of a hoarder. You hear people gushContinue reading “My Gratitude For Music, Books, and All Forms of Art”

Wishing for what you already have

Today’s Wish Wednesday is dedicated to wishing for what you already have. It is human nature to wish so hard for something, and then as soon as you get it, you wish for something more. Rarely do we actually appreciate all the things we have, that we once would’ve died to have. I know thatContinue reading “Wishing for what you already have”

Tuesday’s Tea ~ gratitude

As an alternative to “try-it Tuesday,” I also came up with “Tuesday’s Tea.” This will be casual ramblings, whatever is on my mind, sometimes philosophical and sometimes just rants. Today’s tea is Rasberry Royale: black tea with a fruity pizzazz. The rasberry stands out and makes a perfect companion with the humble classic black tea.Continue reading “Tuesday’s Tea ~ gratitude”

I upgraded my blog so now my site name is officially! The original lotuslaura94 WordPress link still works, and will lead you to the same page. My new email is for anything WordPress-related. Feel free to contact me! (I am still continuing to use my personal Gmail account for personal emails.) I’m absolutelyContinue reading “”

Lessons I’ve learned in friendship

1. Be grateful — be grateful for people who are kind and caring because that is very rare in life. I have wasted a lot of energy on negative situations when I could have been using that energy to focus on the people who make me happy. 2. Let go of expectations — friendships shouldContinue reading “Lessons I’ve learned in friendship”

Friendship Appreciation

Yesterday was “National Best Friend Day,” and so I was inspired to write a lot about the value of friendship. These go out to old friends, new friends, current friends, ex-friends, and friends that I still haven’t met yet. A “relationship” refers to the dynamic between two people who interact with one another. It doesContinue reading “Friendship Appreciation”

Day 12: write about 5 blessings in your life

I’m blessed to have my health, although I do have a few health issues which is common, I’m lucky I have full use of my body. I’m blessed to be able to simply walk and move around easily without any physical pain. I’m really grateful for the body that I was given. For the mostContinue reading “Day 12: write about 5 blessings in your life”