Quarantine Halloween ~ costume party with my cats!

Bad news… I couldn’t decide on a costume this year. Good news… I don’t have anywhere to go! It’s just my cats and me, stuck at home! The Coven Cheerleader The Black Cat The Groovy Ballerina THE CATS… Venus’s costume (left) is a black top featuring skeleton hands making the shape of a heart, alongContinue reading “Quarantine Halloween ~ costume party with my cats!”

Graveyard Walk

Take a graveyard walk down memory lane See all I had to lose, in order to ever gain See the broken bones and the lifeless hearts See the sacrifices made, in search of a new start This tombstone here is so special to me Lay down roses and imagine what could be Lay down lettersContinue reading “Graveyard Walk”


I really like to be alone. Just like everyone else, I get lonely and I crave spending time with people here and there. But I also crave spending time by myself. I’ve always had a very strong sense of imagination and creativity, enough to keep me entertained by my own mind. When I focus onContinue reading “Loner”