Father daughter visit

Great to see you last weekend, Dad! It was a nice visit with seeing the apartment, watching the cats run around, lunch at Panera Bread, and a beautiful hike through the park! So grateful to have a wonderful father! I am inspired by your optimism to push through the hardest of times. I could neverContinue reading “Father daughter visit”

Cave Exploring

I hiked over eight miles with Kev along part of the Appilation trail! It was beautiful! This is the cave we explored! We had to crawl through this little entrance and use flashlights because it was pitch dark. I was terrified about bats (or big foot!) but it was so much fun. We want toContinue reading “Cave Exploring”

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 14

Day 14: hobbies Writing is a hobby of mine, which is kind of obvious, since I’m writing about it. I like writing short stories, journal entries, poems, and everything I post here. I feel like writing is something that comes easy and natural to me, however I wouldn’t consider myself an advanced writer or anything.Continue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 14”