Astrology | Meaning Of The Houses

What are the houses in astrology? There are a total of twelve houses. Each house represents a specific energy. How can you use the houses in astrology? When reading a person’s birth chart, houses can help further explain personality traits. It can also go beyond that to predict future trends for that person’s life, orContinue reading “Astrology | Meaning Of The Houses”

A Minimalist Home

If you are moving to a new home, or making changes to your current living space, consider incorporating minimalism! Minimalism is a philosophy that less is more. Especially in western culture, we accumulate so much material stuff and end up using less than half of it. The consumer-based society conditions us to believe that materialContinue reading “A Minimalist Home”

Wish Wednesday ~ my dream haunted house

I’ve already shown you my dream house; now it’s the perfect time of year to show you my dream haunted house. Be careful and don’t get spooked! Here we go… This is the living room, where we burn sage and talk to the dead. No need for TV — ghosts are much more entertaining! ThisContinue reading “Wish Wednesday ~ my dream haunted house”

Wishful Wednesday ~ my dream home

Welcome to my dream home! I live in a log cabin mansion. This is what it looks like from the outside: There’s a back porch with a seating area… Here is my kitchen… It has an old-fashioned stove… This is the living room area… My bedroom with a breathtaking view… and many other spare bedrooms…