Astrology | Meaning Of The Houses

What are the houses in astrology? There are a total of twelve houses. Each house represents a specific energy. How can you use the houses in astrology? When reading a person’s birth chart, houses can help further explain personality traits. It can also go beyond that to predict future trends for that person’s life, orContinue reading “Astrology | Meaning Of The Houses”

Astrology | Profections: What your age predicts for you

In astrology, each age is ruled by a house, which determines the theme for you that year. A baby’s first year of their life, at age zero, is ruled by the 1st house. Their second year alive, at age one, is ruled by the second house… and so forth, until the twelfth house, in whichContinue reading “Astrology | Profections: What your age predicts for you”