Speak Now

I could always dance in front of a crowd I could always sing to them so loud But I always seem to shut down When I try to speak I can speak with my body, my face, my eyes I can speak with laughter, speak with smiles I can write out the words, so swiftlyContinue reading “Speak Now”

Friendship Appreciation

Yesterday was “National Best Friend Day,” and so I was inspired to write a lot about the value of friendship. These go out to old friends, new friends, current friends, ex-friends, and friends that I still haven’t met yet. A “relationship” refers to the dynamic between two people who interact with one another. It doesContinue reading “Friendship Appreciation”


I really like to be alone. Just like everyone else, I get lonely and I crave spending time with people here and there. But I also crave spending time by myself. I’ve always had a very strong sense of imagination and creativity, enough to keep me entertained by my own mind. When I focus onContinue reading “Loner”