Mythology Monday ~ Nymphs!

In Greek mythology, nymphs are supernatural, female incarnations of nature — the plants, flowers, trees, mountains, wind, sea, etc. Nymphs are minor goddesses: more powerful than humans yet a step below the gods & goddesses. Nymphs are typically depicted as beautiful and graceful women with soft, sweet appearances. Often, they are confused for fairies. TheseContinue reading “Mythology Monday ~ Nymphs!”

Caturday ~ The Black Cat

What’s up with “the black cat,” and why is it considered an icon of superstition? Many equate black cats as a signal of bad luck. They say: don’t let it cross your path, don’t touch one, don’t even look at one. Some say one single black cat is dangerous while a duo or pack ofContinue reading “Caturday ~ The Black Cat”

Conquest of the Mystifying Mermaid

He was not only sailor of the sea, but captain of the world. He had a way of turning situations around, no matter the circumstances, to keep himself boss. He may have had a lower ranking than certain men, yet he never let that made known to others. Upon meeting him, you would assume thatContinue reading “Conquest of the Mystifying Mermaid”