My home tour — update!

So I made a few changes since my first “home tour” I showed. Just small changes! Keep in mind that I’m still focused on minimalism and keeping everything spacious. I moved my tv and couch back into the living room area. Before, it was in my bedroom. This area felt like wasted space and IContinue reading “My home tour — update!”

A Minimalist Home

If you are moving to a new home, or making changes to your current living space, consider incorporating minimalism! Minimalism is a philosophy that less is more. Especially in western culture, we accumulate so much material stuff and end up using less than half of it. The consumer-based society conditions us to believe that materialContinue reading “A Minimalist Home”

Minimalism (Entry #1)

Minimalism is more than a trend; it’s a lifestyle, a belief system, an alternative way of thinking. It challenges you on a daily basis, yet bares countless rewards. Physically, you save money and space. Mentally, your mind is also letting go of unnecessary clutter to bring more peace into your life. The greatest challenge ofContinue reading “Minimalism (Entry #1)”