Lutz / Shaeffer Family History

I have written a post covering my father’s side of family history, now I will be discussing my mother’s. My mom, Cynthia Kellogg, was born from Edgar Lutz (Gramps) and Lorene Schaeffer (Gram.) Lutz Beginning with the Lutz side — the oldest “Lutz” I was able to track down (through was “Christopher Lutz,” bornContinue reading “Lutz / Shaeffer Family History”

My weekend of Shibari, Lunar festivities, and more!

I had a very packed weekend, last weekend! It was possibly the busiest weekend I’ve had in a long time! It started out with a visit to OB, my hometown in New York. My dad was out sailing so I missed him (sorry, Dad!!) but luckily my aunt Nancy and uncle David were there visitingContinue reading “My weekend of Shibari, Lunar festivities, and more!”

My mom would sing to me, “I’m gonna make you love me”

When I was a child I was very uncomfortable with physical affection. But my mom was always a very physically affectionate person. So she would always be trying to hug me, cuddle me, hold my hand, kiss me, etc. I didn’t like cuddling, I didn’t let her hold my hand, and I was very physicallyContinue reading “My mom would sing to me, “I’m gonna make you love me””

I consulted multiple psychics about my future — “When will I have children?”

Lately I am thinking a lot about my future and the next stage of my life. Specifically, I’m wondering about pregnancy and children. I decided I would reach out to multiple psychics to see what insight I could get. Background Prior experience with psychics: I have always been one to check free readings online orContinue reading “I consulted multiple psychics about my future — “When will I have children?””

TBT ~ Personal thoughts growing up with Mom

Growing up with my mom was a unique experience that presented its own benefits and challenges. In some ways we shared similarities but in other ways we have always been polar opposites. Silly stuff My siblings and I always had trouble waking up in the morning for school, so she would come in and wakeContinue reading “TBT ~ Personal thoughts growing up with Mom”

Mom ❤️💕

This Thanksgiving was especially difficult for me because of my Mom’s regressing health. It was an incredibly exhausting weekend both physically and emotionally. I haven’t talked much about it out of respect for her, and for my family’s, privacy. But with many aware by now, it feels like the appropriate time to discuss it, andContinue reading “Mom ❤️💕”

Day 4: write about someone who inspires you

My momma inspires me because she has the warmest heart. She has taught me that revenge is never worth it. Growing up, whenever I got into arguments with my friends, instead of just siding with me she would teach me to see the situation from the other person’s perspective and have empathy. She does notContinue reading “Day 4: write about someone who inspires you”