Nov. 3, 2020.

Astrology: The 3rd quarter moon is in Gemini, making us more social, thinking differently, and feeling extremely back and forth. Mercury goes direct today! Expect technology to run smoother, less misunderstandings, and more direct communication in general. Today’s number being 9 brings great intensity and some type of ending or completion. Tarot: today’s card isContinue reading “Nov. 3, 2020.”

Oct 30, 2020

Today’s 2nd quarter moon remains in Aries, encouraging confidence and perseverance. This evening, the moon enters Taurus, which will reach full moon tomorrow. The Taurus moon makes us feel sensual and cozy. Coupled with Friday’s Venus energy, it’s an ideal night for romance (or some self-love if you’re single!) Feast on some pizza and chocolateContinue reading “Oct 30, 2020”

Oct. 29, 2020

The second quarter moon is in Aries, bringing us a sense of passion and determination to take action and move forward. With Thursday’s expansive energy, we can really feel the full moon coming towards us quickly. There’s a lot of excitement and anxiety building up. Today’s number is 7, encouraging good luck.

Oct. 23, 2020

The Aquarius moon reaches second quarter. It’s time to stop wishing, and start taking action and looking for signs of manifestation. The Aquarius energy has you embracing your uniqueness while also looking out for the sake of humanity. And with today’s number being 1, it will give you that extra boost to be your trueContinue reading “Oct. 23, 2020”

Oct. 22, 2020

Today’s first quarter moon remains in Capricorn, as feelings of self-discipline, hard work, and traditional values persist. Also today, we enter Scorpio season for the next month! It’s about to get a lot more intense! Libra’s season had us focusing on partnership and balance; scorpio season shifts our perspective towards isolation and extremes. We areContinue reading “Oct. 22, 2020”

Oct. 21, 2020

Today, the first quarter moon is in Capricorn, putting our focus on hard work, tradition, and self-discipline. This is an ideal day to start working on a new project that requires you to challenge yourself. Today’s number is 8. Combined with Capricorn’s energy, this could indicate a sudden influx of money, more responsibility at yourContinue reading “Oct. 21, 2020”