Mythology ~ Persephone (and Hades)

Persephone is an ancient Greek goddess -- who's name is pronounced like purr-seff-uh-nee (rhymes with Stephanie.) The energy surrounding Persephone is very dark, gothic, and almost gloomy. Yet ironically, she is associated with springtime and fertility. Representing death and rebirth, Persephone draws many parallels to the goddesses Isis and Kali. Persephone is the daughter of… Continue reading Mythology ~ Persephone (and Hades)


Mythology ~ The Golden Age & Cyclical Time

Greek Mythology: Ages of Man Greek mythology says that humans have gone through five stages of existence. It started out with the Golden Age. This was a time of absolute joy. It was always spring, as the weather never changed and seasons didn't exist. The sun was always shining and providing sufficient warmth. Everyone would… Continue reading Mythology ~ The Golden Age & Cyclical Time


Little Pixie ~ Seasons (Part X)

An IntroductionWavesShadowsTsunamiThunderFireEarthquakeApocalypseWoodlandSeasons Nixie, the little pixie, had turned the age of twenty-two -- a significant age for nature spirits. Twenty-two meant bondage and partnership. At this age, many nature spirits either met their lover for the first time, married, gave birth, or strengthened their bond with their current partner. Nixie stood by the lake and… Continue reading Little Pixie ~ Seasons (Part X)


Little Pixie ~ Woodland (Part IX)

Nixie, the little pixie, was all set to leave home again and reunite with her newly-made friends, including her boyfriend Neldor, who she could hopefully build a future with... Just before leaving, her mom -- who had passed away and transformed into a ghost several years ago -- stopped her. "Nixie, my darling..." she began,… Continue reading Little Pixie ~ Woodland (Part IX)


Little Pixie ~ Thunder (Part V)

IntroductionWavesShadowsTsunami At age thirteen, the teachers were worried about Nixie, the little pixie. Her grades had been steadily declining. Once a passionate straight-A student, she was now growing bored and restless in all her classes. When the teachers looked at her with disappointment after she had failed a test, she rolled her eyes and chuckled.… Continue reading Little Pixie ~ Thunder (Part V)