Let’s normalize the menstrual cycle!

The menstrual cycle is a natural function that should be normalized by society. Women (or anyone who menstruates) should be able to walk to the bathroom carrying a tampon or pad in public, without feeling pressured to hide it in shame and secrecy. Women should be allowed to discuss it in public. Men should notContinue reading “Let’s normalize the menstrual cycle!”

I Am Sorry

Never really learned how to defend myself Push away those who matter, while welcoming everyone else. Cause I’m not afraid of monsters, I’ve been hurt before. It’s angels who scare me, because they are the cure. If ammunition is your weapon, I’m ready for a fight. But if love is your weapon, I’m hiding inContinue reading “I Am Sorry”

New moon

Personal update… So, it’s official: I’m moving to my own place in mid April. It’s been a process. Lots of paperwork, running errands, figuring things out, asking for help, etc… and worst of all, talking to strangers and getting over social anxiety. I thought I wasn’t strong enough; now I look back and realize itContinue reading “New moon”