Do not expect me to be perfect

Please, do not expect perfection from me. Do not put me on a pedestal… and then cry when I inevitably fail to meet your high expectations. Do not see me as a supergirl, because even superheroes have flaws. I do not claim to be perfect. I never said I was perfect. So never, ever, tellContinue reading “Do not expect me to be perfect”

Tentative Nature

Peace of mind has always seemed so vital to me Yet this fixation is what causes so much anxiety My disgust towards flawlessness is a direct reflection of a deep-rooted and unconscious need for perfection Constantly fearing that you will make a mistake is the biggest mistake that anyone could ever make A world fullContinue reading “Tentative Nature”

The Angel of Death

A deep tunnel of darkness… she walks down, treading lightly. She does not need a candle to light the way, for she is an angel glowing brightly, yet she is a fallen angel. She has fallen down too many deep tunnels of darkness… down the rabbit holes… she is the angel of death. And deathContinue reading “The Angel of Death”