I got a new job!

After five years of working as an animal care technician, I will be starting a new job next week as a formulations technician. I’m remaining at the same company, but will be working in a different lab. This is a huge life change for me. Animal care was my first full time job which IContinue reading “I got a new job!”

Mom and Dad visit

It was great to see my parents over the weekend. Dad and I took Mom out for a walk. She still has a lot of energy when it comes to walking. The warm weather is sooo close, but there was some crazy wind… hopefully it only gets warmer from here. We walked around Sagamore HillContinue reading “Mom and Dad visit”

Health update — Lyme disease diagnosis

Hi everyone, it’s been a long journey since I was struck with seemingly random, intensely painful and debilitating, arthritis — coming and going every few weeks to months, affecting all different joints from my knees to my wrists to most recently my ankle last August. I have seen three different doctors and had my bloodContinue reading “Health update — Lyme disease diagnosis”

Rheumatoid / health update

I saw a rheumatologist for the first time today. I booked my appointment a couple months ago, and today was finally the day. 😬 I explained to the nurse how I’ve had debilitating joint pain and swelling come and go in different areas for the past year and a half. At first she seemed dissuasiveContinue reading “Rheumatoid / health update”

My New Guinea pigs!

Just a quick post to introduce my new little babies! Two/three weeks ago, I brought home two new guinea pigs. They are albinos, rescued/adopted from an animal testing facility. They are about four months old, and super cute! Their names are Skull and Bones — nicknamed Skully and Bo (or Bobo.) Although they are nearlyContinue reading “My New Guinea pigs!”

Introducing “Crystal Aura” Astrology / Tarot!

Announcing “Crystal Aura (by Laura)“, a new blog/business for astrology, tarot, numerology, & all things esoteric! crystalauragaze.com Crystal Aura is dedicated to aligning you on your highest vibrational path by examining your future and working with your cosmological blueprint! Every week, I post a generalized forecast for the collective whole, focusing on moon phases, retrogrades,Continue reading “Introducing “Crystal Aura” Astrology / Tarot!”

Birthday girl 🎁🥳🎉

Today is my birthday! My friends Laura Sofia and Connie visited last night and it was so fun! Yesterday morning I took my kitten Luna to the vet, sadly had to wait in the car the whole time, but she did well. Got her first round of shots and will be getting spayed soon. She’sContinue reading “Birthday girl 🎁🥳🎉”

Lotus Laura on Instagram

Lotus Laura is now on instagram! Please follow me and leave your username in the comments so I can follow back! I am looking forward to sharing my blogging journey through photos. This will be like a “behind the scenes” where I document the writing process and give some glimpses of future posts!

Caturday ~ Luna turns six months!!!

My kitten, Luna, turns six months old today!!! My goodness, she has grown so much! Luna is much more well behaved since her three-month birthday! Here and there she still wakes me up in the middle of the night, but much less than she used to! There were some nights when I couldn’t get anyContinue reading “Caturday ~ Luna turns six months!!!”

Poetry blog

Hi, I’ve created a poetry blog that I would like to share. https://lotuspoems.wordpress.com I uploaded many poems that I had saved on my phone. It goes back pretty far to almost two years ago, up to as recent as a few weeks ago. It should be in order starting from the first post at theContinue reading “Poetry blog”