Mythology of Pixies

Pixies are mythological creatures that can be compared to elves or fairies. They come from British folklore. They can also be referred to as “piskies” or “pigsies.” The earliest version of the classic “Three Little Pigs” fable is written about pixies, which was later changed to pigs. This original version comes from southern England inContinue reading “Mythology of Pixies”

Little Pixie ~ Seasons (Part X)

An Introduction Waves Shadows Tsunami Thunder Fire Earthquake Apocalypse Woodland Seasons Nixie, the little pixie, had turned the age of twenty-two — a significant age for nature spirits. Twenty-two meant bondage and partnership. At this age, many nature spirits either met their lover for the first time, married, gave birth, or strengthened their bond withContinue reading “Little Pixie ~ Seasons (Part X)”

Little Pixie ~ Woodland (Part IX)

Nixie, the little pixie, was all set to leave home again and reunite with her newly-made friends, including her boyfriend Neldor, who she could hopefully build a future with… Just before leaving, her mom — who had passed away and transformed into a ghost several years ago — stopped her. “Nixie, my darling…” she began,Continue reading “Little Pixie ~ Woodland (Part IX)”

Little Pixie ~ Earthquake (Part VII)

Sometimes, on cold nights, Nixie would run outside and find a swarm of bees and let them sting her. The zap of their poison woke her up. No longer numb, it would bring her back to life. During herbal medicine class, Lazarus nudged Nixie, “look what I got,” he placed his hand on his nose,Continue reading “Little Pixie ~ Earthquake (Part VII)”

Little Pixie ~ Fire (Part VI)

The nature spirits had a tradition — upon turning eighteen years-old, they either chose someone in their village to marry, or travelled far to find them. Nixie had always felt like she was destined to leave her water-pixie life behind in order to become a woodland-pixie, convinced that her soulmate lived far from the sea.Continue reading “Little Pixie ~ Fire (Part VI)”

Little Pixie ~ Thunder (Part V)

Introduction Waves Shadows Tsunami At age thirteen, the teachers were worried about Nixie, the little pixie. Her grades had been steadily declining. Once a passionate straight-A student, she was now growing bored and restless in all her classes. When the teachers looked at her with disappointment after she had failed a test, she rolled herContinue reading “Little Pixie ~ Thunder (Part V)”

Little Pixie ~ Tsunami (Part IV)

Nixie, the little pixie, had an appointment with a shaman doctor — who used prayer and plant medicine to heal. While awaiting his arrival, Nixie was trying to explain to her mom that her shaman, who she had been going to since she was a newborn, was making her feel uncomfortable. Lately, every time heContinue reading “Little Pixie ~ Tsunami (Part IV)”

Little Pixie ~ Shadows (Part III)

Friendship was very important to Nixie, the little Pixie. One of her best friends named Roxy, a fire pixie who was also a princess, stopped attending classes. Her wealthy parents wanted her to focus on being groomed into a true queen in order to fulfill her royal duties, so school was no longer a focus.Continue reading “Little Pixie ~ Shadows (Part III)”

Little Pixie ~ Waves (Part II)

[Part I – An Introduction] Nixie, the little pixie, sat on a rock with her feet dangling in the water, splashing her toes around. As always, she was lost in her thoughts. By the age of seven, she had already learned to repress her emotions. Her baby-years were full of tantrums that her parents dealtContinue reading “Little Pixie ~ Waves (Part II)”

Little Pixie ~ An Introduction (Part I)

Nixie, the little pixie, was the youngest child of thirteen. The family resided by the ocean, as they were water pixies. They lived among other mythical creatures such as fairies, nymphs, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and so on. Their world was similar to the human world, except instead of mechanical technology, they relied on biotechnology andContinue reading “Little Pixie ~ An Introduction (Part I)”