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Poetry blog

Hi, I've created a poetry blog that I would like to share. I uploaded many poems that I had saved on my phone. It goes back pretty far to almost two years ago, up to as recent as a few weeks ago. It should be in order starting from the first post at the… Continue reading Poetry blog


Too Long

It’s been too long since I touched your handsince I bumped your fistcause I could not resist. It’s been too long since you placed your handon my shoulder, when I wasn’t sureif you really wanted more It’s been too long since we met our handsin an embrace of ecstasyand now it’s only fantasy It’s been… Continue reading Too Long


Golden Gates

Locked out of the golden gates, entrance of the mighty kingdom Once a place of residing Now banished, vanished Gone into hiding. Weeping, watching everyone else All the peasants, the dwarves, and the elves so happy and free, so cheerful they sing because they were able to escape the wrath of the king.