Album Review: “Red (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift [2021]

Today, Taylor Swift released her re-recorded version of “Red.” When this album originally came out, it was fall of 2012, and I was just beginning my freshmen year of college. Being an avid fan of hers at the time, I know all the details behind each song. I vividly recall walking to classes with myContinue reading “Album Review: “Red (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift [2021]”

30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (RED) day 5: what makes your heart race?

What makes my heart race is when I do something different and push myself out of my comfort zone. When I put myself out there and just let go, take a risk, it’s scary and thrilling. I can feel my heart pounding! And sometimes even simply thinking about something I really want but too scaredContinue reading “30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (RED) day 5: what makes your heart race?”

30 day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (RED) day 4: what are you angry about?

This is harder to answer than I thought. I really do not like getting angry. My anger can be so strong sometimes I blackout from it although it’s rare. I stuff anger away because of how out of control I can get. Which is why it comes out so strong. So it’s a viscous cycle.Continue reading “30 day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (RED) day 4: what are you angry about?”

30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (RED) day 3: how do you express yourself?

I like to express myself through writing, just because it is a medium that comes most naturally to me. Whenever I have something important to say to someone, it’s always through writing or a letter or something. I use my voice just to express basic things, the bare minimum, because I’m not as comfortable withContinue reading “30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (RED) day 3: how do you express yourself?”

30-day Rainbow Challenge ~ day 1: (RED) List all the things you love.

Cats Tea Nature hikes The colors pink, purple, turquoise. Good music Cacti Warm weather Rain Pizza Ravioli Astrology Feeling cozy Dancing Darkness The stars and cosmos Books Plants Entheogens Meditation Tarot cards Mysteries Puzzles Clues Anything trippy A good movie Playing with my cat Dressing up just for fun and not because I have to.Continue reading “30-day Rainbow Challenge ~ day 1: (RED) List all the things you love.”

Tuesday’s Tea ~ new changes

Today, I’m drinking red raspberry tea. It’s super tangy and flavorful, doesn’t need any sweetener. Rise to the challenge and accept new changes. There is nothing too grand for you. Never let fear consume you because it is a liar. It will tell you everyone is the enemy when really fear itself is the enemy.Continue reading “Tuesday’s Tea ~ new changes”

Do you believe in ecstasy?

Tell me, do you believe in ecstasy? For most people, it’s just a fantasy. Will it ever find you, ever capture your soul and hold you until you feel rapture? Sliding down slopes of exhilaration til every cell in your body is in exaltation Going beyond happiness, beyond state of bliss Paradise of pleasure andContinue reading “Do you believe in ecstasy?”

Book Review: Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow is a thrilling novel full of horror and passion. The story follows two characters: Dominika, a Russian, and Nate, an American — both tangled in the dangerous world of spying for opposing countries. Dominika is dedicated, passionate, thrill-seeking, and short-tempered. And Nate is a fiery man who is very clever and intelligent. HeContinue reading “Book Review: Red Sparrow”

Three of swords

Red is my face, When I’m blushing, so flattered, full of passion. Red is my face When I’m fuming, so hurt, full of anger. Red is my face When I’m guilty, so embarrassed, full of shame. These feelings penetrate through my heart like three swords.