Palmistry archetypes: Saturn

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Luna. Each palm shows one, two, or three dominant archetypes. Palm Rather than a juicy mount, the mount of Saturn will be very flat — it will flatten the entire hand itself. Saturn palms are usually easiest to determine because the wholeContinue reading “Palmistry archetypes: Saturn”

Astrology | Saturn retrograde | Father Time is going away on vacation

In the northern hemisphere, Saturn goes retrograde each year from approximately June to October. You may feel the affects of this a few weeks prior and afterwards during the “shadow period.” All planets go through retrogrades, in which there is an illusion in the sky of the planet traveling backwards, even though it’s still actuallyContinue reading “Astrology | Saturn retrograde | Father Time is going away on vacation”

Palmistry | Seven Archetypes

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes. Most of us have two or three of these leading archetypes, and likely a little bit of everything else. These archetypes shed light on your core personality traits. They can be manifested positively (high vibration) or negatively (low vibration.) In palmistry, we determine archetypes by several factors of theContinue reading “Palmistry | Seven Archetypes”