Horoscope | Week of Jul 24, 2022

Sunday: You cannot ignore your emotions today, but awareness to your feelings can bring about something beautiful. A specific bond or relationship could be on your mind. Monday: As the moon enters Cancer this afternoon, you could be feeling more sensitive and intuitive. Spend the evening at home with blankets and comfort food. Tuesday: You may feelContinue reading “Horoscope | Week of Jul 24, 2022”

Horoscope | Week of Jul 17, 2022

Sunday: Venus enters Cancer for the next three weeks. This enhances our relationships with more depth, vulnerability, and comfort. It also brings more pleasure and sensuality towards your home, so you may feel more inspired during this period to make cozy changes in your house. Alongside, it adds a sense of privacy and seclusion towardsContinue reading “Horoscope | Week of Jul 17, 2022”