Scorpio season (October 23 – November 22)

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. In numerology, the number eight represents power, control, and money. It represents the “boss figure.” It also is connected to the eighth house in astrology, which relates to all that is mysterious and transformative: sex, death, the occult, and so forth. The eighth house is also connectedContinue reading “Scorpio season (October 23 – November 22)”

Cancer Season (June 21 β€” July 22)

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. In numerology, the number four is characterized by emotional stability, deep introspection, and control. This number is not about risk-taking or popping your comfort bubble, rather, it prioritizes a feeling of safety and security, especially on an internal level. Cancer resides in the fourth house, which digsContinue reading “Cancer Season (June 21 β€” July 22)”

Taurus season (April 20 to May 20)

As we step into a new sun season, the theme of our lives are about to change. Aries brought a zestful beginning. Of course it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, each season comes with its own challenges. Reflecting upon Aries season, I found it to be both a blessing and a lesson. It thrusted meContinue reading “Taurus season (April 20 to May 20)”

Welcome, Aries season!

March 20 marks the beginning of Aries season, which lasts until April 19. This is not only the start of a new zodiac season, but the start of an entire zodiac cycle. Although we celebrated the new year in January — in astrology, this is the actual new year! With Pisces being the very lastContinue reading “Welcome, Aries season!”

Summer Playlist

Happy Summer Solstice! (Midsummer) Today marks the first day of summer, when light has peaked. It is the longest day of the year as the sunlight is at its brightest. From here on, the light will gradually begin to decrease as darkness once again comes forward — however, lightness still prevails. And it won’t beContinue reading “Summer Playlist”

Spring Playlist

Happy first day of spring!!! On the first day of spring, lightness & darkness are equal. In the days to come, the light will continue shining brighter and brighter until it reaches its peak. For the season of spring, things can only get better. As the sunlight increases, light is shined upon us, and theContinue reading “Spring Playlist”

Winter Playlist

Happy winter solstice! The first day of winter marks the darkest day of the year. From here on, light will continue to increase. We just experienced autumn, which is the process of dying and letting go. Winter marks the point when everything has completely died; we are at the very start of a new beginning.Continue reading “Winter Playlist”

Dollar store haul ~ HALLOWEEN decor

One of the best parts about Halloween season is the spooky atmosphere! As a little girl, I would always insist on getting new decorations every year because we had to have the coolest and scariest house on the block — it was a must! I recently took a trip to the dollar store: on theContinue reading “Dollar store haul ~ HALLOWEEN decor”

Autumn Playlist (SIDE B)

The Autumn Playlist continues with SIDE B. Two years ago I put together a playlist to perfectly describe the season of autumn/fall. It starts with saying goodbye to summer and accepting that autumn is here to bring many changes; after a serotonin-filled summer of warmth and relaxation, the weather is now about to get coolerContinue reading “Autumn Playlist (SIDE B)”

Autumn inspiration

Pumpkin spice chai lattes, apple cider, salted caramel… horror films, occult literature, esoteric documentaries… graveyards, ghost stories, oracle readings… orange and red leaves, carved pumpkins, Halloween decor… hoodies, furry boots, flannel… humid and heavy air morphs into a crisp breeze… Autumn is seriously my favorite time of year. Every season is beautiful (except spring, that’sContinue reading “Autumn inspiration”