Tips On How I Get Myself Through Tough Times

These are my greatest tips on how to push yourself through difficulties. I tell myself that it could be worse I know that’s the last thing you want to hear when you’re upset — “it could always be worse!” But sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to hear. Open the news and the first thing you… Continue reading Tips On How I Get Myself Through Tough Times

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On affirmations & the process of manifestation

Getting what you want is difficult... it's even more difficult knowing that you are the one getting in your own way... it's not the world that's against you, but your own mind. Affirmations are phrases you can repeat in your head, say out loud, write over and over, etc. to cut through subconscious blockages and… Continue reading On affirmations & the process of manifestation

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My Daily Routine & Cleaning Schedule

Stability, reliability, and consistency is so important to me right now. I'm focused on bringing more security into my life. As someone who greatly suffers from anxiety, I have found that repetition and steady routine in my daily life is enormously helpful. 🧘‍♀️👍✅ This past year, I have put a lot of thought into what… Continue reading My Daily Routine & Cleaning Schedule

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Self-care Sunday ~ Stigma against medicine

Medicine is important for healing our bodies and taking care of ourselves. But when it comes to taking medicine, society holds a stigma against it. We are made to feel weak for relying on assistance outside of ourselves. Medicine is very powerful: it has the potential to be either healing or damaging. Because of this,… Continue reading Self-care Sunday ~ Stigma against medicine

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Self-care Sunday ~ Dissociation

Dissociation means to "dissociate from the world" by losing consciousness. It involves detachment from one's feelings and entire reality. Dissociation is an involuntary, instinctual, survival response conditioned in early childhood as a way of responding to trauma. Those who frequently dissociate are likely to have a personality disorder due to a serotonin deficiency. During a… Continue reading Self-care Sunday ~ Dissociation


How to Transcend Judgement… (one simple phrase!)

TRANSCEND JUDGMENT: RISE ABOVE IT! Judgment is something that all of us struggle with. It's one of our greatest fears -- yet it's something that is totally in your head! To judge something is to classify it in your head as good, bad, or anywhere in between. We judge things to make sense of it,… Continue reading How to Transcend Judgement… (one simple phrase!)