Cure your “Novelty Syndrome”

Society has a serious “Novelty Syndrome” issue. We are creatures of habit and need routine, yet most of us feel pressure to constantly seek new things, or feel that newness and unfamiliarity will bring more happiness and fulfillment. Novelty syndrome: the tendency to constantly seek novelty, believing it will bring more happiness and fulfillment, whileContinue reading “Cure your “Novelty Syndrome””

Self-care Sunday ~ Stigma against medicine

Medicine is important for healing our bodies and taking care of ourselves. But when it comes to taking medicine, society holds a stigma against it. We are made to feel weak for relying on assistance outside of ourselves. Medicine is very powerful: it has the potential to be either healing or damaging. Because of this,Continue reading “Self-care Sunday ~ Stigma against medicine”

WILD ~ How to embrace your wildness & why you should

We are divine human beings — but we are also animals. Wildness is something that humans have been conditioned to suppress for centuries, for thousands of years. It doesn’t matter how smart we are, how complex our tools are, how spiritual some may be — we will always be part animal. For some silly reason,Continue reading “WILD ~ How to embrace your wildness & why you should”

Film Review: I watched “JOKER,” and then I watched Harley Quinn’s “Birds of Prey”

Joker & Harley Quinn are Gotham City‘s most infamous lovebirds. This past autumn, “JOKER” was released, followed by the winter release of “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.)” Both films follow each character separately. “JOKER” is the prequel to Joker’s career as Batman’s nemesis, telling the story of how heContinue reading “Film Review: I watched “JOKER,” and then I watched Harley Quinn’s “Birds of Prey””

A Vow of Silence (short story)

Luna was sick of the heartbreak that came with people & society. It was madness, all the pain and delusions. She could no longer go on this way. It was decided that she would become a nun. Secluded from the rest of the world, she would live in a small church and dedicate her lifeContinue reading “A Vow of Silence (short story)”

30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (GREEN) day 17: your perception about money?

Money is a tricky thing, potentially dangerous and can destroy lives. It can also bring great pleasure, security, and overall positivity. It can make you feel lucky, abundant, fortunate, and powerful. It can also make you feel powerless, weak, left out, defeated, exhausted, absolutely terrified. Those who have more money than others often say condescendingContinue reading “30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (GREEN) day 17: your perception about money?”

Do Things Differently…

I would not mind living a life that many people could not understand. If you are happy, and no one gets hurt, the details of your choices shouldn’t matter. But not everyone thinks that way. Many people have strict ideas in their head about how the world is supposed to be. Personally, I would simplyContinue reading “Do Things Differently…”

On Purpose

We live in a guilt-ridden society: a society of people who are repressed and controlled by guilt. What is “guilt” or “feeling guilty”? It means to experience negative emotions about oneself, due to the negative impact of our thoughts, actions, and way of being. I agree that all human beings have legitimate reasons to feelContinue reading “On Purpose”

Saving face or saving grace?

So often politeness is used as an excuse to be hurtful. I have subconsciously done it a handful of times but hope to never do it again. Politeness is a difficult art to master and only constructive if used correctly. Otherwise, it can be extremely destructive in such a subtle way. To be polite meansContinue reading “Saving face or saving grace?”

Day 11: something you always think “what if” about

I always wondered what life would be like if we lived in a tribe or like a hippie commune or something. If we all still lived in little huts or log cabins. If we all lived closer to nature and focused more on the internal rather than the external. If we were more concerned withContinue reading “Day 11: something you always think “what if” about”