Theory ~ Is time speeding up faster?

There is a theory that time is moving faster and progressively gaining speed. It is common knowledge that subjectively, time moves faster as you age — one year for a five-year old feels significantly longer than one year for a fifty-year old. But that’s not what I am referring to. I am talking about timeContinue reading “Theory ~ Is time speeding up faster?”

Time will tell… and unveil illusions…

Do you ever notice how people tend to check the time more often when they’re stressed, or losing their minds? Check their phones, their watches, the clock, etc. There’s a reason for that. Constantly checking the time is like grasping onto reality when it’s slipping away. It could also be checking the calendar, checking theContinue reading “Time will tell… and unveil illusions…”

Praying for patience

I vividly recall being fourteen-years old, and having this mental image of a clock on my back. I could hear it ticking loudly, a constant alarm in my head that time was running out, that I was always “on the clock.” Sometimes I would picture myself in a room full of clocks, the old-fashioned circularContinue reading “Praying for patience”

Wish Wednesday ~ good things take time

Something we fail to realize is how long it may take for wishes to come true. We live fast paced lives and expect instant gratification, but nature’s clock is slow and steady. Look at the plants and the trees, how long it takes for them to grow, but how magnificent they eventually become. People willContinue reading “Wish Wednesday ~ good things take time”

Flow Friday ~ if you love someone let them go

I think that space can help any relationship when you are having issues, when there have been many fights and misunderstandings. Time away from someone is risky because it can make or break what you have together. But either way it will bring clarity, and that’s much better than living an illusion. If you haveContinue reading “Flow Friday ~ if you love someone let them go”

Too Long

It’s been too long since I touched your handsince I bumped your fistcause I could not resist. It’s been too long since you placed your handon my shoulder, when I wasn’t sureif you really wanted more It’s been too long since we met our handsin an embrace of ecstasyand now it’s only fantasy It’s beenContinue reading “Too Long”

A short story ~ good day, bad day

Electra woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Panicking, she jumped over to her phone to realize her cat had unplugged the charger in the middle of the night, causing it to die and therefore her alarm never went off! She was now a good thirty minutes behind schedule! Still able to makeContinue reading “A short story ~ good day, bad day”

Flow Friday ~ “No Regrets”

“No regrets” does not necessarily mean that you would repeat the same exact choices you made in the past. In fact, you can be regret-less and still do something differently if given the chance. The difference is this: you’ve accepted the fact that you cannot go back in time and change things that have alreadyContinue reading “Flow Friday ~ “No Regrets””