A toxic connection

A toxic connection will destroy you like a drug. Gradually decaying inside, you force a smile and pretend that everything is okay, because that’s your only way of surviving. You have never felt more fear in your entire life. So badly, you want to tell someone how scared you are — but that would meanContinue reading “A toxic connection”

The Path of Poisonous Plant Medicine (Intro)

As I have learned more and more about plant medicine through the years, I have just now recently found myself drawn to “poisonous plant medicine” — a seemingly dangerous yet actually healing path. The energy of most plant medicine is very “love and light,” but the path of poison is dark and forces you toContinue reading “The Path of Poisonous Plant Medicine (Intro)”

FIGHTING ~ too much, not enough, a healthy balance

Tuesday is the day of Mars, and Mars represents fighting, war, and fiery passion. It’s about going into battle and standing your ground. It’s strong, intense, and never backs down. Mars takes action, it doesn’t just sit there quietly. It has a lot of energy which is fueled by desire. We tend to think ofContinue reading “FIGHTING ~ too much, not enough, a healthy balance”

Flow Friday ~ Cleansing the mind

“Filth on hands, feet, and body may be washed off with water; Clothes fouled by dirt may be washed with soap; The mind fouled by sin and evil May only be cleansed by devotion to God.” Sikhism. Adi Granth, Japuji 20, M.1, p.4 The body gets dirty. The world is full of germs, bacteria, viruses,Continue reading “Flow Friday ~ Cleansing the mind”

Sage tea ~ friendships come & go

Today, I’m drinking sage tea. Sage is famous for its cleansing properties, removing toxins and negativity on both a physical and spiritual level, making space for the new. They say “friends are like seasons, they come and go.” Friendship should be valued, as it can be such a wonderful thing. But accepting that friends comeContinue reading “Sage tea ~ friendships come & go”

NATURAL BEAUTY HAUL: ultimate self-care supplies!

I recently went on an all-natural beauty haul! It is so important that we remember to take care of ourselves. Our bodies are temples: life-breathing, miraculous vehicles that deserve our full attention and care. It’s true that 99% of beauty products on the market are full of toxic chemicals, carcinogens, organ-disrupters, and lots of otherContinue reading “NATURAL BEAUTY HAUL: ultimate self-care supplies!”

Dancing with dopamine

In my blood, running through my veins On my mind, wired in my brain Must have been incoded into my DNA Something so powerful that it must be locked away Chain it up and tie it down, teach it discipline and grasp it tight Assert who is boss, even if you have to scratch andContinue reading “Dancing with dopamine”